Does my plant look okay? Should I leave it be or trim it up a bit?

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  1. •Specs :
    •Strain : bagseed
    •Lighting : 300w mars led
    •Soil: $200 (total) super soil I created myself (not listing all of the ingredients but let's just say it's not half ass soil by any means)
    •Flowering time: 36 days ( week 5 day 1)

    As for nutrients I didn't want a full out fertalizer since the super soil has p-k right now but rather something more like a molasse so I went with Advanced nutrients bud candy.

    I usually don't mess with bag seeds but this was from some special frosty frosty bud out of Colorado. As for strain not sure - Grows as fast as a full indica but has leaves of a hybrid. I did some tieing down to create the bushy effect without topping which seems to have worked out nicely. My main concern is should I take all of the lower flower sites off since they aren't getting light and they are taking from energy that could go towards main top colas or should I leave them and trip up the foliage blocking the light? Also do I have to many colas for a 300w led? I have 12 colas total.

    Thanks guys

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  2. Looks fine though it looks like it's gonna be a very long flowering strain if that's week 5... how far away are you keeping the LED? I'd personally have it around 10-12" away at 'this point. But I wouldn't remove much maybe a few lower sites but you'd be better off tying the stems out of the way some to open up the canopy a bit for more light to hit the struggling branches. Looks nice and healthy though.

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  3. The slow bud production is probably from my timers malfunctioning 3 times. I'm just lucky it didn't hermy the poor thing so far.

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