Does my plant look healthy?

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    Hi my names josh Im 28 and got my greencard about 1 month ago. I started growing my plant around that time it will be a month old Oct 19th. thats from the point wich I had placed the seed into a wet paper towl and then placed it into soil after it sprouted. The soil I used was miracle grow I know alot of people say it has to much acid for the plant but Its a mixture of MG soil and potting soil its what I had left over from this summer as far as potting soild goes. I also use filter water as well as well as once a month I give it some boiled egg shell water after it has cooled of course. I had to transplant it I think I might have burried it to much cause now its getting pretty stocky. Im using two CFL Daylight bulbs (6500k) and Im planning on getting at least 2 more when it gets a little bigger. When its time to move it into flowering I have the 2700k bulbs Right now the lights are on from 4am to 12am


  2. Looks fine to me!
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    It dosnt look to short or stocky to you? It was taller and I transplanted it about 2 weeks ago. Now it hasnt really grown up its just gotten bushier. Sorry Im a noob at growing.
  4. Just keep the light nice and close.
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    Thank you How close should I have them? Is 2 inches from the plant about right?

    Update today I added a bulb since I got a new socket and after a few hours I notice my plant is wilting why could that be. The pictures above is when I just added the second bulb. Now I have 2 6500k bulbs and a few hours later I come back and my plant is wilting I moved the lights up a little higher now from 2 inch to 4 inches.


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    do you have a thermometer in there somewhere so you know where the temps are at? It looks like you have tin foil around the plant. Foil will heat up the grow area and it looks like your plant is either being over watered or its getting too warm. And if in fact the drooping did happen after you added the bulb it would make sense that the environment is getting too warm. It doesnt happen often with CFLs because they run cooler then HPS or MH but if you have poor ventilation or your ambient temps are high then it would cause the plant to look like that. I would get some mylar or find an old emergency blanket instead of the foil and also make sure you have a fan blowing fresh air through the leaves. These Hoes like to Dance. :)

    A good way to know when to water is to feel the pots, if they feel light then give them a little water, if they feel heavy then dont.

    I also use the finger in the ground test. Dig your finger an inch into the top of the soil and if its dry then water. I water my plants in small amounts every day, its better to have smaller feedings more frequently then having large feedings every once in a while.

    Also, mount the CFL's sideways (horizontally). more intense light comes out of the sides of the bulb. 2" is a good distance but if you put a fan on the light you could get away with 1" and not worry about burning it up. you want the light to be as close as possible.

    I wouldnt worry about it being short and stocky. It might have gotten shocked when you transplanted it. Next time use a drop or two of superthrive when you water and it will cut down on lost time due to shock after a transplant.

    Hope this helps a little, things are looking good so far.
    I would read through as many Grow journals as you can and then start your own. You can check mine out, They are very helpful when your recording data and when your looking for feedback from your fellow growers.

    Good Luck, and if you have anymore questions then feel free to ask.

  7. First picture it looked great. Second picture a little droopy, which I would think meant over watering.

    Do you have a PH meter etc?
  8. Thank you for everything. The first pics and seconds pics I didnt water the only change was what Imalittleteapot I added 1 more light and the foil so maybe it is getting too hot. The wife wont let me put a hole in the wall so Ive been opening a window every two days and having the fan blow fresh air into the room.
  9. Looks fine to me. Keep up the good work.

  10. If you remove the foil and add a fan blowing on the plants then you wont have any more heat problems. No need to vent through a wall with CFLs.
  11. Also, from everything I've read aluminum foil is one of the worse things you can use. It barely reflects light, but will reflect heat. If you need something cheap, look at emergency blankets at walmart. Also, fish are shipped in mylar bags to petsmart, might be able to get some of those for free. I keep meaning to run up to the pet stores.
  12. it looks like you dont have any perelite in the soil you defo need it for dranage!!!!

  13. Yeah i didnt notice that one. its a big one. Good drainage is important.
  14. its your first grow..bro...ya cant expect the world...these blades have all given great advice...first grow learn...second grow ...gets grow journals like what you are and mediums....nutes..plant growth cycle...pest...sickness...strains..gotta research but it pays of in dank and not handin' the regs guy all your spare best advice...go easy on everything...nutes water..etc..can always add more...bitch ta get stuff out sometimes...good luck...these guys will steer ya right:smoke:
  15. Wow thank you for all the help :) Yea I was going to use some sort of fine gravel but didnt do it. I made sure the soild was turned really good so it was really compact. I should have went with the perelite. My plant is looking alot better since I moved the lights up a little bit and took down the foil its not drooping anymore. I know its my first grow and I cant exspect alot my luck it will be male lol. Thanks again everyone and I will keep you posted as well as read the journals. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.
  16. for soil go any organic with no nutes added..if possible...make your mix 1/3 siol...1/3 perlite...1/3 peat moss..this gives you good drainage..i add dolomite lime...1/4 cup per square foot of soil.....also add bone meal and blood meal ..adds organic slow release nutes..worm castings...nites...bat guano...mag. for flower.....cost a bit to get goin; but it pays off as stable and low nutes required..or if you can get fox farm soil...or better yet coco...what i run..general hydro makes a good lowcost nutes run..just think of it for a while as the money youd be spendin' on weed...really vaped here so just driftin..good luck
  17. Im going down to buy some diffrent soil and lights for another plant. I did add a computer fan to my set up wired it to a cell phone charger. The fan says 12v .16Amps but the charger is 4.75v and .55 amps. Its not directly pointed at the plant its point up to push the heat out of the top but the leafs are moving alittle bit so its getting some of the air.

  18. i like to sit and watch them dance while i hit the bong...:smoke::smoke::smoke:

  19. I like to sit and just watch it period lol but it seems it makes it grow slower lol.

  20. yeah its way fucking worse then watching paint dry. that only takes a couple hours...haha

    My bed is 5 feet from my closet so im always staring, smoking, sleeping.


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