Does my plant look healthy?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DarthRasta, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Title pretty much sums everything up. First time grow it's an auto and it's just hit 2 weeks since it sprouted today

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  2. Looks ok..but a little heat/ light stressed. Try raising your lights a little until the taco shaped leaf flattens a little.

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    Yeah i agree with eric.

    Also, try not to leave any water on the leaf's because the light going through the water acts as a magnifying glass and can put brown spots on your leaf's.

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  4. Yea this was right before I turned the lights off for a few hours that's the only reason I let water on the leaves. I'm a semi experienced gardener and I learned from my flowers outside and my dwarf tree that water and light will burn the leaves lol. I moved the lights up a few inches probably about 2 feet from the top now, they look like they uncurled slightly I'm gonna check again tomorrow and move them up again if they still are curled
  5. Plant looks great to me (this coming from a first time grower as well lol) take a look at my pics and let me know what you think of my plant. Week 4 of flower and things have gone great till now...

    Nutrient deficiency or excess? You tell me!
  6. Looks good but yea I'm not too sure what could be wrong with it. We're the trichomes at least a cloudy color?
  7. Looks like a p deficiency due to color of leafs.. Hooking tips suggest to much nitrogen.. Try a flush and light feed

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  8. Not yet...most of them have mushroomed but still clear. No signs of amber yet. Sense its a grab bag seed, im not sure if its close to done or nutrient lock. Hopefully ill find an answer. Good luck with your grow! Looks great already
  9. There's a comment above that potential could be an answer
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  10. Good luck to you too!
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  11. It does not look healthy. Also I'm not sure when new growers started this foliar feeding trend, but as you gain experience and have a few grows under your belt, I promise you will not do it anymore. The only time you should be spraying anything on your plants is for IPM.
  12. I wasn't "foliar feeding" whatever that is I was watering it and water got on the leaves I left it on them because I was turning lights off for 6 hours anyway. I'm sorry but your comment didn't help much all you said was it doesn't look healthy and mentioned something I already explained in an earlier comment
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