Does my plant look healthy?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AnonymousInventer, Jul 26, 2017.

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    It looks ok so far. What kind of soil are you using?
    Just make sure that cup has proper drainage and don't soak it too much.
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  3. Soil is FoxFarm Ocean Forest. It has a hole in the bottom for drainage. I just gave it some water last night because it was dry a nuckle deep. Its on day 5 and sprouted 12 hours ago.
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  4. Good luck with your grow.
  5. Thanks man it's my first seedling. Im going to need it. My setup only costed around $50.
  6. That plant does not look ok. Idk what kinda soil that is but it ain't treating your seedling right. Don't water again until you pick up that cup and it doesnt weigh anything.

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  7. FFOF is good organic bag soil. Just make sure you're not overwatering. The first leaves can sometimes look a little funky. Just keep an eye on it. I usually put 5 small drainage holes in the bottom of my solo cups.
  8. I would add more but I'm afraid the making of more holes will really disturb my seedling.
  9. Yeah I wouldn't worry about it too much, as long as it's drying out properly. Maybe next grow put a few more drainage holes down there.
  10. I actually was able to add more without a problem. I added a ring of about 6 tiny holes around all the edges. Then about 5 more small holes. It made me concerned though because not a drop of water came out from doing that.
  11. Ok cool. I usually put 1 hole in each corner and 1 in the center. The size is a little smaller than a dime.
  12. Also are my lights far enough away? IMG_20170726_110625~01.jpg
  13. Mine are around the size of a seed. Should I make them larger?
  14. Yeah I would say slighter larger than that.
  15. I use a lit cigarette to burn the perfect size hole in the cup.
  16. LMAO
  17. I'm not expecting much from my ultra budget setup. I can't invest any money until I know this is something I will really like doing. I also need to know ill have the patience for it.
  18. Thats not the best way to look at it... o_O if you are interested in growing buy you a proper setup. And proper beginner fem seeds.. can buy a small single plant setup for 250-300 bucks and yield 3-4 ounces paying for itself 3-4x over. If you actually buy the proper equipment and soil and follow what these successful growers do in their journal there is no reason not to have a good harvest your first grow without breaking the bank... then use half that harvest to upgrade if you want to upgrade and produce 3-4x as much your second grow.. so on and so on... idk just my opinion.. I started out with CFL too and I would of quit if I wouldn't of bought my LED a week or two before all my plants ended up male... looking back in glad I bought that LED because it's the only reason I didn't quit and bought myself fem seeds and am now having half way decent personal harvests.

    And honestly cannabis is a pretty fast growing plant you don't have to have much patience as you'll notice the plant grow more every day it's pretty fun to watch...

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  19. Yes, I was planning on making profit from this grow and invest in a good light and exhaust/carbon scrubber. I'm actually waiting on some Nitro Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds for Sale – High Quality Buy Online
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  20. I bought me a used 442cfm 6" inline fan for a bit under 40 bucks on eBay... bought a 4" ipower carbon filter new for around 40 as well both have been doing me great tent stinks to high heavens but it doesn't smell outside of it unless opened. So if on a budget you definitely don't have to buy new fans nor the most expensive filters. Granted a cheaper filter may need to be replaced more often... to have it last longer only use it the last 5-6 weeks of flower any time before then and the plants don't smell that strong imo.

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