Does My Parent Know?

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  1. A couple days ago i stayed over at my friends house to smoke weed :smoke: the next morning i came home went to eat breakfast then my dad just kept smiling at me saying where you been and all that and told him i was at my friends house. He came up to me passing by my mom she was ironing clothes (She would freak out if she knew) put his hand up against his mouth like hes smoking a joint and started smiling i told no i didn't do that, he walks away and saays right in a sarcasm voice. He probably knows, i would tell him i do but i'm scared how he would react, he seemed he didn't care but i idk. What do you guys think?  :confused:

  2. he has no idea. don't worry
  3. Oh, to be 14 again.
    Your dad is a total pothead, dude.
  4. Or, you could stop worrying and look at it this way: He knows and that was his reaction. I mean, it sounds like he made it pretty clear he knew you smoked with his hand gesture and sarcasm. lol He's obviously not too worried about either way, otherwise he would seem angry at the thought. If you're worried about what exactly he thinks about it, he sounds like he's chill enough that you could probably just ask him. Have a nice father-son chat about it and what you're thoughts on keeping safe from other more harmful drugs, addiction, etc.
  5. How are you this fine day underage blade? I agree with Mr. Cryptic Name above me. Just have a nice chat with your dad about it; Maybe you guys will end up passing a J  :smoke:
  6. Ken is fine. lol  :D 
  7. He smoked weed once and didn't like it after that maybe he might be fine with it lol
    I'm calling bullshit. I bet your dad's a blade on here  :hippie:
  9. He is.

    Hi son.
  10. that's what they all say
  11. Ya, but did he inhale?
  12. Lmfao, I could just see your thirty something year old dad making a joint motion at you and laughing. "Hey son look at me hit this joint im so goddamn high" "dad, you're fucking crazy what's wrong with you"
  13. He's challenging you to a smoke-off.
  14. Lil kids on this forum are really getting on my nerves.
  15. My mom told me the exact same thing in high school lol
    This school year she asked me if I was smoking and I told her the truth and had a chat with her about it. Apparently my dad was a huge stoner in his day, and my parents smoked together a few years ago when they were in Jamaica. The other week my mom told me the last time she smoked was just a few weeks prior when she was at the ocean with my Aunts, lol. She's somewhat cool about it, even though she told me she doesn't want it to be a regular thing for me. I was surprised how cool she was with it, your parents might surprise you too  :smoking: Or maybe they'll ground you forever  :laughing:
    My response, way to post the same thread twice in the same minute.
  17. Getting closer to summer vacation... Yes your dad knows and he obviously doesn't really care. If you get into trouble and your grads drop I am sure he would care then,
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    School's out forever!
    Well, summer is beginning ladies and gents...Time to get the big spike pit ready in the back and tell them that the answer to all their problems is behind the tool shed. :cool:
  19. Im the OPs father :yay:
  20. Your dad was gesturing that he wanted to smoke a joint in the kitchen with you. Light up, bro.
    He's probly a little pissed you were stingy and didn't bust out during breakfast tho

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