Does My Parent Know?

Discussion in 'General' started by BlueKim, May 19, 2013.

  1. A couple days ago i stayed over at my friends house to smoke weed :smoke: the next morning i came home went to eat breakfast then my dad just kept smiling at me saying where you been and all that and told him i was at my friends house. He came up to me passing by my mom she was ironing clothes (She would freak out if she knew) put his hand up against his mouth like hes smoking a joint and started smiling i told no i didn't do that, he walks away and saays right in a sarcasm voice. He probably knows, i would tell him i do but i'm scared how he would react, he seemed he didn't care but i idk. What do you guys think?  :confused:

  2. He just wants you to open up about it. Don't do it.. Wait till your older
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    he knows and he's going to tell your mom and she's going to END YOU... I'm going to miss you...  :cry:
  4. Why the fuck do people seem to think you have to have some big coming out about smoking weed? My parents knew I did it when they asked and I just said 'yeah, sometimes'.
  5. Your dad is a vicious pedophile, you'll soon hear "prepare your anus!"

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