does my mom care if I smoke?

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  1. weird question I know. but I've never told my mom I smoke, and she's never actually caught me(very close tho) but I just don't think she really cares about weed. It annoys me constantly hiding this from her, I've wanted to tell her but I also don't want to die to her probably freaking out. although, I'm not sure if she really cares because one day I had like a gram in my pocket but it was some dank weed and it smelt like a complete skunk, and my brother smelt it and said something so I ran into my room hid it and then came back out and just denied anything about weed and she seemed to just drop the subject pretty quick. I figured maybe I just tricked her since she never actually smelt it, my brother just claimed to have smelt a skunk when I walked by. the biggest reason I think she doesn't really care though is because today my brother came home and I guess he ran into a girl who knew me, and this bitch told him I smoke weed. so he came inside and me and my mom were in the kitchen, and he said that she told him I smoke. my mom just asked "well, do you smoke weed?" but she wasn't mad or upset at all she just asked it kinda too calm almost. I just denied it and said she was lying and my mom said "well I hope you're not." and then she didn't bring it up again. so, do you think she cares? keep in mind I'm also quite young too, which is why I don't want to tell her yet, but I probably will eventually come clean to her in the next year or so. also, i apologize if I was rambling on or anything I'm high as hell haha
  2. Whats your mom look like? Is she a MILF?
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  3. Your mom cares but doesnt seem like she'd be lije other moms and kick you to the curb
  4. Ask your mom if she thinks weed is worse than alcohol.

    If she says no then she might be open to you using it.
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    i can't tell OP, post some pics of your mom
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  7. Your mom complains about your drug habit to me every friday night. I'm going to have to start using a gag.
  8. I just use my wee wee.

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  9. I started smoking when I was 15, my mom knew all about weed and smoked a lot in her youngest years too. Is always go home stoned and she wasn't stupid, she did know it. One day she just straight up asked me if I smoked weed (she already knew obviously) and I iist said yes. She said as long as I'm honest about what I do she has no problem with me doing it. My piece of advice, just admit it, if she doesn't want you smoking its probably because she doesn't know a lot about it. Anybody who's smoked and knows about weed will usually let their kids smoke as they know it won't necessarily ruin their life as long as they are smart. What's constantly hiding it and lying going to get you? Into more trouble, just admit it and get it over with.

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