Does my guy friend like me?

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    So... I have this friend, he's pretty rad. We get along extremely well and click, always laughing, etc. night we go to this party, we both get drunk...and on the way back to his car after it was over, he says, 'What is this? I don't even know what this is...' referring to our relationship. I thought that was odd.

    He then proceeded to tell me that he's never met anyone he could be so much of himself with in such a small amount of time.

    After that night, he has pretty much stopped talking to me. I have tried to continue talking to him but he uses being busy with school as an excuse, but I *know* he goes out and hangs with other people.

    I'm confused...I think the reason he might be ignoring me is because he likes me, but I'm not sure. I'm in a committed relationship, btw.

    What do you make of this, my fellow herb childrens

    Edit: Thanks for the advice, guys. :)
  2. Well.. First off you're in a relationship with another guy. If I were him and I liked you, I too wouldn't always be trying to talk to you. I'm sure he respects what you have with your boyfriend, and just leaves it at that.
  3. He deff likes you. He either is trying to stay away from you due to thinking you dont feel the same way he feels for you or is too nervous now. could you elaborate on what you said after he was asking about what your relationship was.
  4. he wants you for sure but since ur in a committed relationship he cut you off for good
  5. yea he ain't tryna be the hanger for your clothes he wants to be the bed.
  6. great household washables analogy ^^^^
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    he was simply stating that he 'didn't know what this was', making hand gestures from him to myself. :/ Sorry that's pretty much it, I don't know how to elaborate more haha

    edit: shit, you asked me to elaborate on what *I* said. I'm sorry. I said we were friends and it didn't have to be weird.
  8. yeah he is clearly trying to stay away from you because there is nothing to come from the relationship.
  9. he likes u....but ur taken so he doesnt want to continue to feel hurt by being so close to you yet so far women can brake the most hardened of hearts...

  10. but I don't mean to break anyone's heart :(
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    probably, should probably also run away fastly screaming rape
  12. You make him feel like the man that he is......... but you belong to another.
    He cant Fucking stand it.
    I'm almost positive That's what he is saying & feeling.
  13. He genuinely likes you, but you're the forbidden fruit. Being with you is more painful now since that talk. He is embarrassed and no doubt regrets the conversation. You make him happy, but he knows that it can not go any farther because you're in a relationship and you consider him a "friend". Guys HATE being called a "friend". To a guy it means "Yeah you're a nice guy" and most guys believe that nice guys finish last.
  14. This girl and I were hanging out a lot, talking and texting all the time, and going on dates for about a week or so. After a while, she said her ex wanted to get back together, after leaving her without reason basically.

    I was just like... The fuck? (not out loud of course), but I told her if they had hit it off and were very close before then she should just go for it, and we could still be friends. She took that road.

    Haven't really talked to her since. It's just too weird.
  15. He likes you.

    He's trying to distance himself because he probably has some really strong feelings, and knows you're in a relationship and can't make a move on it.

    I do this when I'm trying to get over woman I really like. Best to push them away than have them around and you bumming all the time about it. Not saying you will, but don't look at him as a bad friend for it because he's just trying to keep his feelings tame, if he's like head-over-heels that shit is probably eating him up on the inside... we've all been there
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    I believe he "LOVES" you.

    He found what & who he really wants & now he can't have it.

    YOU are ALWAYS on his mind.

    Have you ever told him that you love him??
  17. You say you were both drunk that night...................Soooo..... I don't think he does.

    Truth bomb.....boom!
  18. That's the excuse I would use also.
    "you really never meant a thing to me..........I was drunk......Remember?""

  19. I've never said I love him, but I honestly do love him. If I was single I would have fucked this guy's brains out already, but I swear I haven't lead him on...that shit is just messed up. (I know what it feels like.)
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    I believe you.
    It's just that a "committed" girl that I really truly fell in love with used to always text me at all hrs. (even 2;30 am) to say "I love you" then denied "love" when I called her out on it to get things finally straight.
    In this case It was also me that finally raised the issue of "what page are we on... & whats the name of the book"? the same type conversation that I believe you both had after the party. "I don't even know what this is"...I believe were his words.
    If you feel would fuck his brains out....he most likely can sense it & probably has also seen it in your eyes. your eyes can say a lot. I'm sure You know that

    That's why I asked.
    I Really miss her.....But I just cant see her or talk to her anymore.
    It's just not considerate to all involved to do so anymore. Including Myself.

    But I still & always will love her as a Person.
    I believe thoughtful Response is better than reaction.
    I feel reaction inside to the I can't /wont try to reconnect.

    I feel I Need to take it like a man........I have to move on.:smoke:

    after all...She is committed.

    I wish you all the best in your relations.

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