Does my grinder have trichomes/kief in it?

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  1. I have an old grinder a friend gave to me, it has no kief catcher in it but I was curious if there is still anything of value to be gotten out of it...
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  2. Soak it in alcohol and let it evaporate and smoke imho
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  3. Looks like plenty of goodness in there.
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  4. You're able to do that? I've only used ISO for cleaning my pieces, and I usually rinse and soak the pieces for a while in water afterwards too just to make sure all of the ISO gets out.
  5. you’re definitely *able* to do it...
    the alcohol dissolves all the THC goodness then (over time) evaporates along with as much of the water from the iso as possible then you’re left with some sort of extracted concentrate in the end. look into iso hash...

    but personally, I would hesitate to throw the whole grinder into a soak. I prefer not to soak my metal pieces, and never find that a grinder need to be cleaned to brand new anyway.
    I would find some sort of good scraper tool that won’t dig into the metal of the grinder and try and pile up all that dust and powder and see what you end up with!

    post pics :)
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  6. I was able to get some out by scraping, I think I accidentally scraped off some metal with it, but I decided to just do it anyway. It got me a lot more stoned than I thought it would!

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  7. I've cleaned my grinder several times. I tried scraping it a couple of times but the grinder was always gummed up and hard to grind, so I took to soaking it in ISO and scrubbing it clean with a new toothbrush, which I also cleaned out before letting the wash evaporate. You will definitely get smokable material out of it. I found it to be pretty high in cannabinol though. It's good strong smoke but sleep inducing.

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