Does my grandma have a dealer?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GeorgeSR, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Earlier today i was looking in the pantry for some cereal. As i was looking around i saw an old coffee jar with some greenish liquid and what look like bud inside of it so i ask my mom what it is and she says its weed in Rubbing alcohol that my grandma uses for joint pain.I think for a moment... Where does my grandma get bud from wtf?
  2. medical vendor?
  3. Lol that would be pretty sick i could imagine smoking a joint with my gma
  4. whats rubbing alchol do to weed?
  5. hash. ftw, or oil?
  6. It's called topical treatment. You soak bud in rubbing alcohol and rub it on your body. Your body turns numb. It's great for pain, athritis, etc...

    They also have creams and other stuff available at dispensaries, but you can make your own by soaking bud or a bunch of trim/stems in rubbing alcohol.
  7. I smoke weed with my :) she likes using some weird hella concentrated liquid drops...I tried some and was fucking BAWWWWWMBed
  8. Can I chill with your grandma?
  9. Been there :p
  10. ha thats crazy dude
  11. i mma smoke with my grandma, i unno if she does but i mma be like hit this, and she prob wont but i ll make brownies and shit
  12. Don't force it, educate her.

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