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Does my flowering room have to be completely dark?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Soomka, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Like the title says, my flowering room hasn't been getting totally dark, just enough so you can see a little..

    IMO i don't think having a little light is doing any harm, so far.. Anyways, some advice would be great
  2. Yes it needs to be totally dark, it can stress the plants.
  3. not only does it need to be completely dark, but it also needs to be UNINTERUPTED dark.
  4. What about the moon and stars, they provide some light when its dark to outside plants.

    I also recall my dad telling me he just put an umbrella by one of his plants and the shade made it bud.

    Does stress always turn them male?
  5. It can make them hermi and can also slow down growth. The moon is basically the same as having a light leak.
  6. adhere to this guys words,,,, 100%,,, or youll wish youd had,,,,, growing inside is nothing like outside growing,,, so quit trying to compare the 2.....

  7. ^^^^ what he said, nomatter what, you will never be able to completely replicate the moon, or sunlight for that matter.

    There is nothing magic about the dark periods, but it is these peiords that the plant can switch from photosynthesis mode and make its sugars and get itself ready to grow/flower during the next day. Like sleep for the plant. When you interupped this "sleep" you interfear with the plants ability to grow/flower.

    Think about it, its not like at 2 in the morning the sun flashes up for a few seconds filling the sky with light.

    And no, lightning doest count.

    What you are trying to do is "mimic" conditions. You have no stars or planets in your cab/growroom, so comparing the two is like aplles to oranges.

    I assume( dont quote me on this ) that is is not so much the amount of darkness, more the light/dark patterns you get your plant accustom too. If you were sleeping in a dark room, and some asshole turned on the lights, you would wake up, come out of your R.E.M. sleep which is when your body produces chemicals to get you ready for the next day. Thus disturbing your natural pattern, and interfearing with your growth/health/cell productivity. The plant is no different.

  8. I wouldnt worry if your grow room wasnt 100% light proofed. I believe that more than anything it is the consistency of the light that is important. As long as there is no sudden interruption to that pattern, I think your plants will be nice and relaxed. I have mine in a walk in closet with sliding doors and there are slight light cracks and its fine.

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