does my dog want to go on a paleo diet?

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  1. i have a 1 year old labrador, 
    does he want to eat a paleolithic diet? 
    what do paleo dogs eat?  should i only feed him meat?

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    If you only feed him meat he will develop vitamin deficiencies add carrot and pumpkin for starters they are high in fiber and nutrients. I would seek the advice of a licensed veterinarian honsetly but carrots and pumpkin are a good place to start.
  3. If he eat. Give more.

    Basic caveman common sense. Yes.
  4. Also if your dog eats a lot of grass, aside when he is obviously under the weather it could be because he needs vitamins, my dogs used to do that for the longest time, they were like billy goats eating that stuff up. But yeah dogs need veggies too, in the wild it is provided to them through the herbivores they hunt but since domestication we need to supplement either with grade a dog food or raw veggies(if you can get them eat them).
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    normally i would agree but my dog is retarded and he will never stop eating if there is any type of food in front of him
    do wild dogs eat that stuff?
    wouldnt my dog be more healthy if he stopped eating this man-made diet and ate what he can find in his natural environment?
    edit ok i looked at your other post i guess wild dogs eat plants too :eek:

  6. Yeppers, I have a thirteen year old chocolate lab and a pit bull St. Bernard mix and a rat terrier....and rather than buy a bunch of dog food I supplement with veggies and lean meat products
  7. I had my dog on the raw meat diet for a year but it was just to expensive and i had to stop..
    I was giving her a fat chunk of beef liver a couple times a week.. Raw organic chicken quarters, Some meet/bone scraps from the butcher, couple big spoonfulls of greek yogurt, and a 1/3 a thing of beef tripe.. the tripe sucked ass. That shit is nasty and disgusting..
    But ya my dog ate random organs and meat and bones for a year. You just gotta make sure shes getting the right ratio of meat:bone:eek:rgan its on the internet in that format.
    Good luck
  8. My nigga, blue buffalo... that shit is amazing... only wet dog food i've opened and been thinking... hey this actually smells edible... unlike pedigree which smells like rotting anussent from underneath my balls
  9. Been raw feeding my dog/s for a few years now.  Started with Blue Wilderness and then went to raw.  It's easy once you get the hang of it.  Def more expensive and a bit more time consuming.
    Great health benefits tho, and they love eating.
  10. its probably worth noting that an astounding number of changes have happened to dogs and their required diet needs even in just a hundred years of our breeding intervention, let alone thousands.
  11. Any references you want to list to support that claim?
  12. diet is my own speculation, the other changes are clearly evidenced by the various breeds. i imagine some of the ultra special bred breeds wouldn't tolerate the diet of the first dogs well.
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    Before you go the raw meat route check it's the best site for finding and examining different foods. The raw diet gets expensive and is time consuming+kind of gross. If you've got the money I would highly suggest Taste of the Wild or Orijen brand dog foods. I have a 12 week old Lab/Husky that I feed natural balance ultra premium, it's not the greatest food on the market, but he loves it and he is extremely healthy after switching him from nasty puppy chow (what the breeder fed him), and a big upside is it's only $50 for 30lbs. I also add a tablespoon of hempseed oil once a day and his coat is so soft, the vet actually said his coat is the best she's ever felt or seen!
    Blue buffalo has gotten over 500 complaints of their food making dogs sick and have health problems due to them putting an excessive amount of vitamin d in the food. I believe it was recalled, can't remember though.

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  14. Blue wilderness is their premium brand, blue buffalo is average.  The reason I switched to raw was because the ultra premium dry food was getting to be just as expensive as feeding raw!
    Check out the ingredient list on any of those foods.  I don't care how 'good' it is, it's still a bunch of filler and bs.
    Kibble is the same as boxed food at the grocery store.  Gross.
  15. I do agree with you that most dog kibbles are pretty bad compared to the raw route. But I have to add Orijen contains no fillers.

    OP depending on where you live I'd check the newspaper or craigslist for people who make their own dog food and sell it. Many times it's pretty affordable and saves you a lot of time, it's usually grain free and of course no fillers because it's homemade by people who really care about canine dietary needs

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  16. holy shit man, that's over or nearly as expensive as most food including most cheaper meats.
  17. lol hes a dog just give him anything
  18. What is? The food I buy?

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  19. yeah. nearly $2/lb is a good deal more than a lot of basic ingredients.

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