Does My Doctor Know Whats Up?

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  1. So last week I was pretty drunk and injured myself doing silly drunken shenanigans. Ended up in the ER with multiple wounds but the one I want to talk about it my arm/wrist. So the doctor at the ER put my right arm into a splint saying that I fractured my wrist in two places and that I needed to get an appointment with my normal doctor to talk about putting a hard cast on a few days later. 
    So I went to my doctor and he said it was healing up just fine and all I would need is a brace and not a hard cast for the next month or so and then not lift anything too heavy for about two months.
    I have gone through injuries pretty frequently as a kid as I was one of those kids who thought they were invincible. Anyways, I think my doctor is full of shit. I don't have my brace on and I can rotate my wrist pretty fine, and it is very inconvenient to have my brace on during work as it restricts me from doing my job to the point where they cut my hours this week because I can't do a lot of my work I normally would with my brace (My work doesn't involve heavy lifting so I am not worried about that).
    Should I just not listen to my doctor and not wear the brace anymore? I really don't think I need it, my wrist feels like a 2 on pain from 1-10 and that is just a minimal sore feeling whenever I rotate it too much but nothing I can't manage. So should I risk re-injuring my wrist so I can work more? I mean I need to be able to pay rent and a bunch of other bills that will be hard (but manageable) to get when my hours are so limited. I honestly feel my chances are pretty small of hurting my wrist if I don't have my brace on but who knows, I'm about to roll up for the first time in a few days so I'd like to hear opinions of other blades 

  2. you should def not wear your brace. YOLO
  3. Braces are for teeth who the fuck needs those.
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    It is all up to you and how you feel.. I am sure you doctor knows what he is doing, playing it safe. It is all up to you! Usually general practitioners don't give the best advice.. all they usually see are colds and infections. Specialists are who you wanna go see if something is really wrong, they give the best medical advice. Another thing is the doctor who is on the ER shift is usually awesome and really knows what he is talking about.
    If I had to take it off to do my job and work I would have to because I cannot afford to miss work with all the bills I have.

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