Does my cousin Smoke?

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  1. I have a cousin who ive always wondered smoked and he told me he did a long time ago when he was 14 and i was like 8 and now hes in his late 20's and i really am wondering if he still smokes, and i think he does. Im trying to decide if i should ask him becuase i want to smoke with him hes a great guy growing up he was like my older bro. I think it would be awosme to share a J with him
  2. obviously he doesnt. OBVIOUSLY:p

    ..i dont know dude, ask him.:wave:
  3. if your that close you could atleast probe him on it ya know. be like why'd you stop? It's fun once in awhile, blah blah, I do have this nice litttle j I felt like sharin, blah blah, smoke smoke ;) ;)
  4. just bust out the J and offer it to him :smoke:

    after a while of being shy about it, i have decided this is the easiest, least weird way of asking if someone you aren't sure of gets high :cool:

    what's the worst that could happen?
  5. next time you're with him just use some kind of weed slang in the conversation. "This pizza is dank" or something like that. After that just gauge his reaction and go from there.

    Or just ask him, that will probably work also.
  6. Just flat out ask him hes smoked before fuck it he aint gunna rat
  7. the worst that could happen is if he kills you
  8. sounds similer to my uncle sept hes 40 something,for like 3 years i wonderd if he smoked pot,then one time on a family camping trip i saw him rollin up a blunt near the campfire,an i was just like yo i got flame bud to throw down,an that was that.
  9. Actually it could get worse then this, he could kick you in the stones steal your J and run off, now that would be truly diabolical lol.
  10. dude i had this 'almost exact' same dilemma with my older cuz
    until one cuz part and i told him in this night club cos we were going back to his apartment after it (I had never goe there before) so im like ' i smoke the green man " and hes like "dude im liek the bigest pod head ever..ever" im like rage quit then he imforms me once we get back to his were gona hit the bong.....and we did.....and apparentlly he gets the best shit in melbourne....and after the bong I had reason to belive him.

  11. *Pulls out J*

    "Is that MARIJUANA?!?!?!?! Arghhhhhh!!!!"

    *Breaks Neck*
  12. what? lol
  13. haha sorry was a little ...nevermind ha
  14. Puff puff pass it to him.
  15. if he tried it before he probably tried it or is tstill tryin it...... dont be a pansy ask him.

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