Does my cat know his shit stinks?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Chrismittty, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. It seems my cat Bubbles would rather shit else where than where he normally chills. Sure, makes sense, who wants to chill in a shitty smelling area. He useda be able to go do his doo's outside and in the bushes and stuff but due to housing restrictions he has to shit in a box full of litter. Sucks for us cos that means that a few times a day the room with the litter box smells like shit...Inside... But after hes done, he quickly dashes away while the smell diffuses into the air. Soon it is noticed and we're like "AHHH man damn Bubbles your asshole stinks!!" He looks, from human eyes, like hes pretty embarrassed after he drops a load and realizes after he does it we stir and make a commotion. Do you think its within my cats mental grasps to realize we hate the smell of his poop? Or does he hate it just as much?:confused::confused:

    Hope that makes some sense? I mostly wonder what animals are thinking:eek:
  2. Oh he knows;)
  3. Funny to think about but not funny to experience.

  4. I fucking thought so. Its really the worst. It was briefly amusing to catch him in the act and make eye contact while hes pooping..Especially now that I know he knows.

    I agree.
    Its pretty crappy...Incense and cat litter consumption are at record high this past month.
  5. I know that you know that he knows
  6. lol he probably knows. There laundry room where my cats litter boxes are have put my can of ozium to good use. It never got rid of weed/cigg smells but it works wonderful with litter boxes.
  7. im sure he knows...clean the litter box more often??
  8. Legit point but...
    Its not the litter box, I maybe didnt make that as clear, Its him actually shitting that reaks shit up. I do my best to deal with the poos.

    Obviously its the litter box, but not until he is actively engaged in a movement. Its like hes rotting on the insides.
  9. They know. That's why they bury it. Maybe he is hurting and that is why he is acting that way...
  10. Man I'm dumb, I forgot to state he always either wants to leave the room when hes done too..Or go in what eever room he hasn't shat in.

    Maybe its natural, but if y'all knew my cat, you'd understand. Hes fuckin nuts.:p

    Hurting? Like how so? What I have described made something come to your mind relating kittehs in pain, and I don't want Bubbs to be feelin bad.

    Didn't reaaaaaly wanna go there but like is this one of those "Your cats butt probably hurts, you should hit up a vet." type situations?
  11. Is he was having rectal pain he would be meowing when he poops. Or would be holding it in. You'd know if something was up.
  12. Cats dont give a fuq... They will shit anytime, anywhere. Cats are bo$$
  13. [quote name='"Led Zepp"']Cats dont give a fuq... They will shit anytime, anywhere. Cats are bo$$[/quote]

    Damn than I must be a bo$$
  14. "Do you think its within my cats mental grasps to realize we hate the smell of his poop? Or does he hate it just as much?"

    If it's a nice-looking female, then she probably thinks her shit doesn't stink.

    But you used "he," so if indeed it is a male then he's probably quite aware that it stinks -- and is proud of it!
  15. then once they're done, they walk over everything you own, putting their fecal germs everywhere. next time you're making a sandwich on the bench, think of kitty.
  16. He mos def knows, my friends cat makes a show of it when he shits, meowing all around the house to let the owners know the litter needs to be changed :p

    Luckily I can let my cat outside to do his business :)
  17. I wish I could, Livin restraints make it hard to let him out. He likes shittin outside better and we like it better too.
    Not to mention the Toxoplasmosis floatin around.

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