Does my Bong come apart?

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  1. I recently bought a new bong and it looks like it could be taken apart but I've tried to twist and wiggle it and it doesn't budge. When I first removed the bowl and the stem they were tough at first. How do I know if it is one pieces or two?
  2. uhhh post a pic. 
  3. Hey, pics would really help us figure out what kind of configuration you have.

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  4. What the fuck is that liquid inside it? Please tell me it's not dirty water...
  5. Unless glassware has finally gotten threads like screws, I would say that's a single piece. Or you could keep twisting and tugging and you will turn it into a two piece (aka broken) lol. 
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    almost made me puke looking at that.  
    3 piece....clean it
    I mean 3 as in tube, downstem and bowl.  If you're talking about the tube, it's 1 piece/
  7. Pretty sure that thing is solid.  It would come apart easily if not, and clean your piece yo.
  8. I wouldn't fuck with it friend. Just clean it like a one piece rigg and don't worry yourself with taking it apart (it's a nice piece ,don't break it).
  9. The dark colour is the bong not the water!!
  10. And it's pretty solid
  11. LOL its a cheapass chinese bong
  12. lol thanks for your two cents
  13. Hater

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  14. [​IMG]
  15. people are ridiculous. that bong looks about 7mm thick at least. at least your smart enough to not overpay for "american" glass.

    lets say i had a 7mm USA roor and a 7mm no name china. now lets do a little drop test about 3 feet high. both of them shatter. now how worth it was that american glass?

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  16. That example is ridiculous at best.
    Let's say I have a honda civic and a lambo, I drive both of them into a brick is the lambo worth it?
    Let's say I have a mansion and a shack and set both on fire....see my point?
  17. i aint buyin this shit lol. ive used headies glass many times.

    ur comparing lambo-civic with usa bongs-china bongs.

    be realistic. its a damn smoking tool to get you high. that 200 dollar american bong isnt going to be getting you any higher. but a $500,000 dollar supercar will outperform that honda. nice example lol.

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  18. Some people can't handle the truth I suppose.

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  19. Uhhhh its a fact..its a cheap ass Chinese bong. Not my 2 cents

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