Does music ever give you chills?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by illcid, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Do you ever listen to one of your favorite songs that you always listen to, and some parts of the songs just make you feel weird and give you chills?
  2. mmm i haven't had it by listening to music but i do get them chills sometimes.
  3. yes, i get the chills listening to music all the time...especially really soulful violin music...sometimes it even makes me cry.
  4. Heck yea, I still get goosebumps on my arms when I hear DIARY OF A MADMAN real loud. More when I was younger, though.
  5. If u mean like wen u go to a rave or jusa normal club then yeah i do but not just listening to music in my room tho.
  6. god bless the dead by tupac gives me goosebumbs.

    "god bless the dead and buried
    nigga dont worry
    if you see god first tell him shit got worse
    i aint mad
    i know you representin the crew
    and i can picture you in heavan with a blunt and a brew"
  7. like, those songs that you really like to hear all the time, makes you heppy to listen to them while driving or somthing, you understand?

    the whole Tool - Aenima album
    Deftones - Passenger
    some of those tweaked out, trippy, slow songs from 311

    They get me all the time
  8. weird... i was just getting chills from my music when i loaded up the music hall and saw this thread... funky coinsidence.

    track 18 on the warprecords BLECH cd blechsdottir, or we are reasonable people 100%independant, or whatever its called.

  9. i think that one has given me chills before.. towards the end.. cant remember which part exactly.

    yea it just depends on what im listening to and what mood im in... i love music chills :)
  10. yep, it's amazing how complex the mind is....
  11. Yeah I get that too, usedta be every time i heard Metallica - Fade to Black off the Ride the Lightning album, from Corrosion of Conformity - Blind the entire album, and lots others including Deftones - Adreanline the whole album.

    Also from Led Zeppelin.

    Back on tha beach i used to do Robert Plant impersonations and i got to sing whole sets of zep, and most of the time while covering zeppelin i'd just close my eyes onstage and zone out and get that feeling for the entire song. Maaaaaan that is the coolest feeling, cause at that moment i feel like i can "touch" the mindset of the original artist, it's somethin a can feel.

    I'd like to find a blues band here in town who needs a vocalist, I miss performing.
  12. Could it be you can only get chills on a certain type of music i,e, heavy metal and not from something like R.n.B becuase of the intensity and the loudness of it.
  13. the solo in fade to black (live) where the lars starts kicking double bass...been giving me chills for years
  14. gotta keep those good vibrations section of good vibrations by the beach boys :D
  15. I get that all the time. Although most of the time it's the music itself, I sometimes get it from undefined memories attached to certain songs. Just happy times in my life when a certain song has been playing or I've been listening to a particular song myself.

    All this mentioning of fade to black is a bit of a coincidence 'cos I had a bunch of CDs along with me at my bro's flat this weekend, including Ride The Lightning. We all got totally minced and FTB was the anthem of the evening. They didn't appreciate my other stuff so much though.
  16. the only song thats ever gave me chills was on eminems second cd number 16. hes all talkin bout killin his wife and hes yellin bleed bitch bleed. ....... yeah there you have it
  17. pearl jam and staind both give me goosebumps
  18. got it!

    Dont Forget Me, Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    excellent song to get the chills by..
  19. i can't listen to a pink floyd album without getting the chills. same goes for genesis and the genesis album. also a lot of metal. faith no more, tool, perfect circle, soad, helheim, clown, gorgoroth.

    and a hella' lot of elektronica, faithless, paul van dyke, crystal method...

    it does require a bit of volume tho'. and it's multiplied by a factor of at least ten when baked :) like a small orgasm.

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