Does music affect your trip?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by FearAndLoathing, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. Ok, so like a week ago I was tripping on shrooms and I smoked some salvia and had the craziest visual trip of my life. But the thing about it was that the visuals I was seeing was completely related to the song on the radio at the time(fuel my metallica) It's hard to describe but I felt like I became a part of the music, and what I was seeing was the music visually played out all around me. I'm not even a fan of new metallica but it was the best musical experience of my life. Never before has music sounded so good...and pure.

    Anyways, how does music affect you when you're tripping?
  2. Yeah I know what you mean. When I trip, my entire surroundings is what contributes to how my trip is. I like to just be in my room, hanging out, listening to music. You kind of just hallucinate what you think or what seems to come from what you are observing without you thinking about it. I was once listening to this song called "The Odyssey" by Symphony X and it was crazy. 25 min of guitar breakdowns and solos, acoustic guitars and orchestral music. It is a musical journey all on its own with or without drugs. But back to the topic...So yeah I was listening to it, and as I would hear each note, a new scene would happen just like the real story of "Odyssey" by Homer (in old Greece). When it was over I watched Dave Attell's "Insomniac" until my friend came over to spark a few blunts. Crazy man!
  3. music is a factor but it doesn't define my high.. it can ruin it however if the wrong music is on though..
  4. sublime's romeo sound more clear when im high some music can inhance your high like the new kottonmouth xperince cd/dvd

  5. yea i feel ya there man. One time i was listenin to a trippy song.. and it was scary and totally ruined my high for the night.
  6. yeah..I was listening to nirvana while I was smoking some salvia, and kurt cobaine started talking to me. The wrong music can totally ruin your trip.
  7. You can hear so much more from the music while tripping. It's like you hear all the sounds at all times. I notice so much shit even in a 5 piece metal band that I had never heard before. Next time listen to Amorphis' "Tuonela"--One of the chillest cds of all time(and don't worry it's not very metal, more like chill rock). Very spacey and asking to be listened to while tripping!
  8. oh yeah, music is a HUGE factor. i remeber trippin the last time and shufflin through cds like a mad man trying to find the right song. i remember being in that insane state and talking to my friend about how music controlls the trip, we put on different cds to see what it would make things look like. it seemed that things "moved" or "vibrated" and changed color according to the music, it was almost like the visualizer on your computer. all was fine untill my friend put on pink floyd the machine and things started getting really crazy...thats some freaky music, all those weird noises can freak you out.
  9. dude music is everytihng music can make u trip like ur flying to like maken u feel like u need to kill somethin or freaken out dude

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