Does more plants under one bulb= smaller yield/lower quality buds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JassyD, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Sorry for posting two threads. Just wondering say you put 5 plants under one bulb. None of the plants were shaded. Would you get the same amount/quality of bud you would have gotten if you had grown one plant instead of five?

    Like do the actual plants suck up light? Or is it more about grow space?
  2. due to plants being further away from the light source due to other plants being in the way it would be a smaller/less quality harvest for the outside plants, the one or two under the light would be the same though

  3. Thanks man. So as long as i make sure that the light penetrates i'll get a good harvest?

    And does having the plants next to each other effect yield at all? I figure it won't since people do SOG.
  4. plants next to each other dont hurt each other. unless one starts eating the other.. but for you since you have lots of plants sounds like you need lots of lights. just dont put one cfl in there and think the plants far away from the light are going to do great. dangle a couple lights in there. spread them out =) i have 4 t5 14w tubes and 100w cfls in my box for one plant! ha
  5. yea like 420 said thats why people sog or scrog/lst so they can have an even plant bushed out is the same as 5 smaller ones if the canopy is even in both

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