Does MJ come back the next year?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DCrist721, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I tried searching for it to no avail, it seems from the grow diaries I've seen that people seem to cut the whole plant down, and that doesnt seem healthy for a return next spring. Can it survive cold snowy winters and come back the next year?

    Also, I'm not looking for a huge yield or anything the first year (if they come back that is) so would planting in the end of june/very begining of july be that terrible? I'm using a bag of Early Special which contains Siberian Ruderalis genes. It's supposed to be a fast grower.

    Also, this question I didn't search for but I figure since I'm posting this thread anyway might as well save me some time. How long are seeds supposed to last?
  2. MJ is an annual plant, it only lives one season, sets its seed and dies. Like tomatoes.
  3. Spanishfly is correct
  4. My tomato plants come back the next year but I think it s from a tomato falling to the ground and the seeds go dormite. I planted two tomato plants this year and 5 plants are up and growing. So can they trseed themselves?
    Why couldnt youdrop your seeds in the ground at the endd of the year and see if they;ll sprout in the spring.
    I can't try because we don't get snow here.
  5. Tomatoes are also annuals, the seeds produce totally new plants the next year.

    That is how the plants continue in nature.
  6. all the above comments are correct.

    and seeds generaly last for 4-5 years

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