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  1. Miracle grow whats the 411 ON IT. Can i just plant my seedlings in it water and watch it grow. Does it produce a low grade bud I would be mixing it with the forest soil that is dark brown with every earthy smell. Would it be okay to plant reggie/low grade plants in this I will also be planting dank/good bud plants but not sure if this would be good. I ask because the soil is so cheap I could buy 3 large bags for under 30 bucks.
  2. once upon a time miracle grow was the standard fertilizer. i confess to using it on occasion . never stronger than quarter strength though.
  3. It works perfectly well, mostly just a preference of chem/organic. As above stated it is quite powerful though. Think I used the 24-8-16 in past?
  4. I heard it makes for chemical taste in bud, even with proper flushing.

    Shit is windex blue...
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    For a beginner I would absolutely never recommend it. The time release ferts and the sheer strength of the doses will almost always burn your plants, or cause frustrating ph fluctuations. If you are looking for cheap, you can use an inert medium like coco coir, and mix the nutrients yourself and feed them to the plants as needed. I recommend this if you are seriously looking to get some quality homegrown cannabis. Miracle grow is a big risk, those time release ferts could activate anytime you water, and could just burn your plant right up.

    This is what I've found to be my personal favorite:

    EDIT: also, coco coir is reusable and environmentally friendly.
  6. For growing tomatoes it does....

    Google masters pride and see if it's sold anywhere near you. I pay $30 for 4 big bags ands it's better than Fox Farms IMO.
  7. I would just get Fox Farm Ocean Forest if I were you.Not worth taking a risk with Miracle Gro.
  8. MG is great, you just have to understand what's in it. The seed starting mix is one of my favorites. It's cheap, available everywhere, and its made of mostly peat moss and perlite. Some areas might also add ground up bark, but bark is more expensive, so its rare to see it in it.

    I like to grab a bag of MG Seed Starting Mix and worm castings and extra perlite to it. A 60-10-30 ratio works the best for me and is all I use during the first month.

    If you decide to go with with their organic or regular line, remember that they use poultry as their primary fertilizer Nothing wrong with poultry. Its just as good as everything else. You just need to remember that anytime you have an animal that peas on their own poop, the fertilizer is going to run hot and be high in nitrogen. Bat guano, horse manurer, and cow dung also run hot for this very reason. I wouldn't use these for seedlings, but a high nitrogen content is exactly what you want during the veg cycle, so once the plants are at least 30 days old, this stuff works great.

    However, instead of MG, I find Kellogg Patio Plus or Super Soil, to be a much better value. They are typically $2-$3 less then MS and have tons of extras, like bark, composted wood chips, mushrooms, bat guano, kelp, and beneficial organisms. Expect to spend $6-$8 for a 3.5 cu ft. bag, which is a way better value then anything by Roots Organic or Ocean Forest, which typically goes for $18-$20 for 3.5 cu ft.

    Having grown plants side by side in fabric containers, I'll never buy the expensive stuff again. Complete waste of money IMO.
  9. i think the question on m.g. concerns chem. ferts not bagged soil.
  10. [quote name='"northlat"']i think the question on m.g. concerns chem. ferts not bagged soil.[/quote]

    Yep. Not just chemical ferts, but time released ferts that can't be controlled or flushed. MJ needs very little nutrients to begin with and as they grow they need more or less at certain times. Every strain is different and have different nutritional requirements. The same way as you can't feed a marathon runner the same food as a weight lifter, you can't feed a picky sativa the way you would a hearty Indica. Miracle grow just isn't a good idea and isn't worth the money saved when you consider the effect if has in your yields.
  11. concerning yields, i have really good yields with m.g. . i've used it in guerrilla grows as well as indoor, on a blue berry strain too! gotta read your plants. years ago that's all we had . genetics andgrow products are vast now , enjoy , but respect your elders.
  12. Huh??? First off all I'm very respectful to my elders (although most on GC are younger than I am), but that still doesn't mean I like miracle grow, lol. Sure you CAN grow pot with it. But is it ideal? No....
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  13. yeah i agree for the most part, there are many superior alternatives these days. on a funnier thought , ten years ago a mentor of mine confided that he missed the miracle grow nuances that was present in the herb of our youth:) sorry, i didn't mean to infer any lack of respect on your part.
  14. Yes it will work but has slow release nitrogen so if youre adding nutes you will likely end up with nitrogen toxicity. But yes you can use it
  15. Thats usually the uppity organic smorganic that say their way is the "best" way
  16. You know this thread is 5 years old?

    And yes I get way better results with living organic soil. Way way better.
  17. bleed for some FFOF expensive

    and mix in 25% perlite

    many growers re use with little amending

    you'd be so glad you did

    you need to ask now weed is legal

    and peeps growing why its so cheap...?

    good luck

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