Does Miracle Grow effect the taste ?

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  1. If you did a good flush before harvest would the taste still be effected by the miracle grow?
  2. IMHO, by the time you harvest MiracleGro's ferts are depleted. I say nay.
  3. now that some lazy stoners

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  4. Ill give you my opinion in a few weeks ;)
  5. Yes.....Chemical nutrients can never deliver the smoothness and flavor that you get with fine Organics.
  6. Just don't use Miracle Grow for Soil. Spend the extra couple bucks to get some Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, you won't regret it.
  7. Lol, what's wrong with MiracleGro potting soil? Have you ever tried it? I'm getting exceptional results with it.
  8. Yeah your white russians are looking might perdy noober!!

    The question though i believe is more to do with the effect it will have on the lovely buds!!:confused:
  9. Thanks man.

    I'll let you know in about 6 weeks :)
  10. Have a neighbor who uses it with his outdoor grows. Sorry but his weed taste like shit and gives headaches. Last year he said he flushed for three weeks and man...horrible stuff. (He seems to think it's pretty good though.) Earth Juice and other low cost organic nutes can be had, and will give MUCH better results . I would discontinue use and get some real food for mary a.s.a.p. IMO Much Love.
  11. Not properly drying and curing will cause headaches as well. His weed was probably too wet.

    Flushing MG too much too soon will release way too many nutes. How old was the soil by the time he started flushing it?

  12. Yeah, I am sure alot of the reasons for his smoke being so nasty is his inability to learn. He's an older gentlemen and cheap as all get out. I dont know a whole lot about his garden but he does share some every year. Got almost all of last years unsmoked cause its nasty ole Miracle grow weed. I'm sure he will be over with more in a month or so. Trust me, get some better food. I know its cheap and easy to get, but it's crap. I've only been growing for about 20 years and learned my lessons with that crap about 19 ago. Or be like ole man Roland and stay stuck in ur ways. Matters none to me. IMO Much Love.
  13. I'm not going to jump on the MiracleGro haters bandwagon because your neighbor isn't proficient in his ability to grow good weed. Sounds like his weed would suck no matter how he grows it.

    I have a lot more going on then just some seeds growing in MiracleGro. Look up my grow journal.

    I have cuttings in a DIY Aero/Bubble tub. They are going into coco when they're ready. I'll give you an honest comparison when both crops are harvested.

  14. Like I said before, This guy is not a grower so I agree with you. And I did'nt base my opinion on his grows, but my own personal experience. Sorry it's crap and horrible for marijuana. How long have you been growing? How many skilled marijuana cultivators do you know that use it? (By skilled I mean able to produce actual smokable marijuana and have been doing so for at least 5 years.) Show me 2 skilled growers using it. Hard pressed to find learned people using it? Wonder why. Remember these are only my opinions and you should take no offence. Make the investment get some bat shit and worm castings. Or...dont. IMO Much Love.

    *P.S I consider myself one of the skilled guys. (Check my threads.)
  15. Most learned people have moved on from soil to some form of hydro, as I will when these MG plants are done. I'm sure old school organic soil is wonderful too.

    I'm on my first grow. Once again, I won't give up just because you weren't successful.

    MiracleGro is great for a first timer. The end product might be outstanding or it could be shit... I won't know for a few more weeks. Until then I have no reason to be so negative about MiracleGro. So far the results are outstanding.

    By the time I get to pre harvest all the nutes in the MG will be depleted. I timed it that way so I can flush and follow some of the better known harvesting methods. Did you think it through 19 years ago when you used MG, probably not... so you got crap weed.

  16. Good point and good luck. I checked out your journal..and I'm impressed. Keep up the good work. Would never ever try to get you to give up. Only trying to help. I'm not saying you wont get good weed or that I did'nt. I'm saying you could get better. Thats all. IMO Much Love.
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    Why must it be 5 years for someone to be considered skilled???? Thats ridiculous, Everything else i pretty much agree with. ALso i dont use MG soil, but i have fed with mg bloom booster this grow, ill be harvesting in about 3 weeks, and will throw up a smoke report.(Not everyone has access to grow shops and ordering online, some of us un lucky folks KNOW what they are doing, but STILL are STUCK with ONLY MG products.) much love, peace out.:wave:

    Edit: re reading this post it sounded kinda ass hole like, didnt mean for it to sound that way...

  18. Right on man. I know I can do better than MG. I'm just not convinced the end product will be so inferior.

    Peace Brother.
  19. I'm not sure if the original question is comparing possible taste effects from Miracle-Gro to other chemical ferts, or comparing MG as one example of a chemical fert to organic ferts.

    You definitely won't get better tasting smoke from MG/chemical ferts than from organic ferts. You could get a worse taste or, to my experience, if you use it right and flush properly in advance enough of harvest, little to no difference in taste.

    I don't believe there is any reason that MG should cause a taste difference compared to using other chemical ferts.
  20. I have used Vigro nutes which are comparable to miracle grow in quality and price. I flushed 2 weeks before harvest and had exceptional results. Tasted as good as any organic bud i have tasted.

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