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Does microdosing help social anxiety?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dorus, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. So ive been suffering from social anxiety since i was a kid. A few years agoi started smoking, thinking it would help. It did not, in fact, most of the time im smoking with people i do get hyperventilation, anxiety is worse or i get panic attacks. I just cannot smoke when with people, as anxiety and hyperventilation is already present when sober, so smoking makes it worse.

    Heres the question: ive been thinking about trying microdosing. Smoking only a puff or two, without really getting high. Do you guys think it would help in any way with social anxiety, or do you think it would just be better to stop

    TL/DR: do you think microdosing weed by only taking a puff or two can help social anxiety and symptoms like hyperventilation? Or should i just stop smoking?
  2. Avoid sativas. Either go for high CBD low THC strains or just get some CBD pills/tincture.
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  3. I am smoking only indica and i cant choose strains with cbd or thc
  4. Weed helps me with anxiety I was microdosing for a while but now I just smoke a joint or take a fat bong hit and I'm high enough that anxiety doesn't bother me as much lol
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    I have anxiety around lots of going to let's say Walmart is a real pain in the arse...Dr gave me plenty of pills but then I couldn't make it to the store.. I never thought smoking weed would help because of the paranoia that I would sometimes get when smoking... Then a Dr in Cali suggest I try eatables. Not sure if you have or can get Eatables but they might just help you. Since then I've been able to start smoking regular again thankfully!

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  6. Use of any substance isn't going to change or alter the generalized anxiety of not socializing. The only way out of this vicious cycle is to get out in the world and actually interact with those you fear you cannot interact with, due to whatever reason you give yourself.

    I, for instance, have a terrible videogame addiction that I am particularly inclined to blame for my inability to seek help in the outside world. Being stuck to my laptop 24/7 keeps me away from the society I am a part of and in this way I feel crippled like a vegetable inside my own torment. Having weed does help cope with the vicious thoughts, however it does not force me to go talk to people outside my own comfort zone. I feel the only way to truly ameliorate such anxieties is to embrace the culture we live in, not the substances we choose to use and/or abuse.
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  7. Why avoid sativa?

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  8. Helps me but also depends on strain I take 1 or 2 hits an hour
  9. Well said, :)

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  10. More of a heady paranoia/ anxiety high. Indicas more your head feels fine but your body can't move for shit
  11. I have bad weed induces anxiety. So I micro dose with just sativa and I love it. Because I have things I need to do during the day haha

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  12. Some strains do have more CBD in too which Balance the heady high out.
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  13. Is blue dream high cbd?

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  14. No it's a hybrid good for day time use and pain killing
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  15. Not all indicas put ya on the couch find a 60/40 or depending on your personality you can handle a stronger indica. I have a lot of anxiety and nervous energy and I can handle strong indicas without being tired. All depends on the person took me about a year of smoking dif strains to find what works for me.
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  16. It's too subjective. Everyone's body chemistry is different.

    Op sounds like he gets anxiety regardless of strain.
    Maybe stop smoking then.
  17. Ganja isn't for everyone. Some people just don't jive with its effects. Sometimes it's due to lots of stress, sometimes it's an emotional issue and sometimes life in general just doesn't allow us to enjoy ganja.

    What ever it is for you, just give it time. Last thing you want is to push it and continual fuck yourself up. I too suffer panic attacks, anxiety, depression and a host of other equally fucked up shit. I found the meds I was on we're fucking with me when I got high. For me personally I was able to get off of the shitty meds and then ganja started doing what I needed it to do for me.

    It chills me out, helps me sleep, calms me down when I'm losing my shit, keeps nausea at bay, keeps my anxiety in check, keeps me from kicking the ever loving shit from some ass hat that desperately needs it.

    If you can come up with someone who can get ahold of some variety then you might try some different strains. That made a huge difference as well. It isn't s bad idea to grow for yourself. Even a hidden gorilla grow can be a problem solver.
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  18. I have PTSD, and a TBI. I am not foreign to anxiety attacks. Needless to say, marijuana has been my savior.
    I would suggest finding a good indica heavy hybrid or if you don't like the intoxicating effects THC gives, try looking for AD/DC. That is the strain that contains the highest CBD. As far as I know.
    That will slow you down enough to function but you'll chill hard.
    I currently use cannabis oil cartridges out and about and dab at home.

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  19. I used to be a huge pot head. It's all I did. At a certain point I realized it was making me anti-social so I quit completely. For about 5 years. Quitting smoking really helped my social skills. At a certain point, I decided to smoke again but only when I wasn't trying to meet girls or make friends. I think weed serves it's purpose but killing social anxiety isn't one of them. Just my opinion.
  20. I can appreciate that. I am medicating though. To allow me to flow through situations that were gut wrenching to push through before. If I am not medicated in one way, shape, or form, I literally have a continuous wave of just ongoing anxiety. I would much rather medicate that way rather than any other way; to be honest.
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