??? does MG product = problems

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kranko, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. I just ran out of tiger bloom a few days ago. In order ro get more TB I have to order it, In the mean time I went out and got the Miracle GRow bloom booster 15-30-15, I know that typically MG + dank = probs or dead dank or some other shit I was just wondering if any one has used this nute and if it worked for them. I only use it at 2/3 strenght (always) just curiuos if I can finish the grow with this nute and get good results thanks


  2. i used MG for my plant when but it was 10-52-10. i only used at most 1/3 strength towards the later stages of flowering, more like 1/5 or less early on (it was white widow). the plant never had problems and grew the best weed i've ever smoked. just my experience.
  3. as stated above just mix it really weak to start. gradually, and i do mean gradually work up to full strength. do this and you should have no problems. just make sure to stop feeding them and flush them 2 weeks before harvest- and flush them well due to MG being chemical.
  4. after talking talking to doc GG he said the mg Bloom booster was bad and I can vouch, it threw my plant into nitrogen toxicity in 6 days, and made my ph 5.3 I think it may be evil
  5. I use MG and would definatly have to agree with both ISTANDALONE and kranko.

    If your gonna use it then use VERY little of it. 1/2 strength is too much. My personal products are the bloom stuff for flowering and fish emulsion for veg. Like chiefton said, it was the best shit I've ever smoked.

    Make sure you flush it, or like your toilet water it will taste like shit.
  6. I don't know about bloom booster, but I use MG 15-30-15 and have had no problems to speak of.

    Flush well before harvesting. ;)

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