Does math describe the universe or is math the universe?

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    Just kinda interesting.. 1:01:30 - He explains that he found computed code in his equations that would be used in string theory.. A little over my head, what do you guys think?


    5:16 [ame=""][/ame] Dr. S. James Gates, Jr.
  2. Haven't watched the above videos but I watched a documentary on the science channel where a scientists was making predictions that our universe is literally in its most basic form mathematical equations.

    Like the only way to describe reality below the subatomic level is with math equations, no known words can truly describe things that small.
  3. Mathematics in the notation that we use, with numbers and symbols resembling patterns that we see is what we use to describe the geometry of the universe. However, it doesn't mean we invented the principle of these patterns, we simply discovered a way to logically process them.
  4. yeah, math as we know it is a man-made concept, but it's what we've developed as a way to describe and understand our surroundings and the patterns we see around us. So to say that the universe conforms to math is sort of backwards- math was created based on what we see around us in the universe.
  5. watched most of it, but Neil degrass is a horrible host. He interrupts everyone with no shame. Why did they even need him? Would have been a much better discussion had they let the scientists roll with it among them selfs.
  6. well math describes the physical essence of reality quiet well. Despite it being an abstract concept of the human mind the equations that describe these physical things suggests that math is the blueprint of the phenomena we experience everyday and describes concrete reality fairly well and you can prove it to yourself by experiment.

    Simple abstractions like the circle. The concept of the wheel stems from this idea that was employed by ancient civilizations , like the egyptians & mayans. Temple's which scaled 70+ meters required the use of wheels, rollers , pulleys - all abstractions of the human mind. There is more to math than numbers, math has meaning and i have a hunch that math is the universe's DNA/Blueprint whatever you'd like to call it. i think it eludes me how far we've come along as a human race, atleast technologically.
  7. The universe operates in equations. All life does is convert energy and store information. We've sure burned up a lot of energy, but it's the information side of our bargain that we're lagging on.

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    We concoct physical "principles" in the form of mathematical relationships to model the physical behaviors that we observe because these have proven to be the best (most accurate and relevant), testable devices for offering our minds an enhanced understanding of what's going on plus offering us various predictive abilities. We like both of those fruits.

    "The universe is mathematical" to the degree that our minds can logically conjure systems of thought into which we can fit various categorized (pigeonholed) abstract neural representations of the non-segmented reality that we experience through observation. Now - that was a lot of typing so I will proceed to smoke a bowl. Bye. :wave:

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