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Does Marinol (Dronabinol) get you as high as regular smoking herb does?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by unch, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. I am just wondering if taking a Marinol pill is as good of a high as smoking weed say from a bong or whatever?
    I have never tried medical thc pills..
  2. from what ive read, its much different than actually smoking. some people take them and smoke as well.
  3. is that the only PILL form of THC made?
  4. i belive so.

    dronabinol sounds like an anabolic steroid :smoke:
  5. is it possible to get marinol online and shipped to you?
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    its extremely hard to get, so i wouldn't bank on finding any of it online.

    unless youre terminally ill...chances are, youre not getting an rx for it
  7. I've been taking dronabinol for 20 years!!! The main drawback is that it is often difficult to get absorbed into your system. Dronibinol "pills" are actually mixed using sesame oil. That's often the problem.

    So, many times it isn't effective which sux... but when it works it is the ONLY medicine that relieves my pain (severe trauma to the spinal cord). I've tried everything from hypnosis to heavy doses of morphine and MJ is the only answer.

    It really doesn't get me "high", although I have been taking it for a long time. IMO the real herb is much better for pain, especially pure indicas. If anyone has any more questions about dronabinol I consider myself as an "Expert". LOL!
  8. No... cannabinoids effect your high GREATLY. THC is what is in the marinol pills, and from what I understand you can't make synthetic cannabinoids. I've tried marinol pills many times, sometimes in high dosages, and it was very different and sometimes not fun.
  9. I had them once when my friends dad picked them up off some dude he knows, I took three of them that I bought for $15 and when they kicked in I passed the fuck out.
  10. in low doses nothing really happens... after about 8 "pills" however, the effects resemble edibles with a side of extreme confusion.
  11. I take 7 pills 3x daily. weflyhigh is spot on! It definitely takes an adjustment at those levels and it's only synthetic THC with NO cannabinoids which sux!
  12. To me the high is way more intense from Marinol....I was given it as an appetite stimulant due to cancer treatments and mouth issues...Fod taste so bad now, but I get the munchies and I eat!:hello: I use to be a smoker back in the day....But have been sober for 6 yrs til all this cancer crap came about...I take 5 mg 4 times a day...Its a bit much for me, but it works...to each their own! It really did get me as high as a kite....!:p

  13. If you want it just to get high, you don't need nor deserve access to it or mmj.:mad:
  14. I pretty sure you can get it from a Canadian pharmacy online...they sell everything.:wave:
  15. it depends, sometimes i feel high as shit and cant think straight but normally i do not feel much unless i take more then prescribed
  16. I get it but the phar always has to order it...... must be special

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