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Does marijuana really fuck you up!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IluvRootBeer, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. I know everyone will say no but its different with me I mean i get paranoid and then after i quit smoking i felt like really fucked up and weird but i love everything about pot but ives stopped. So if that happens to any one else then say so. Or else im probably just a fucking weird ass and had better not smoke again!
  2. My only problem with mj is the desire to do absolutely nothing when I smoke....and I forget shit constantly, have to write it down or I forget...

  3. Have you ever tripped on aything before? (shrooms, acid)
  4. maybe your shit was laced, which is unlikely, but it does happen and that shit is dangerous... It's never happened to me cuz me and my dealer have a very trusting relationship. I plan to grow soon just to make extra sure... And I'm not quite sure what you mean by fucked up, like visuals and shit? I get that if i have real dank shit... I dunno what to say, try again! And if you are paranoid, try to find someplace to are comfortable with, someplace that is safe for you... For me it is in my woods behind the house where I know that NO ONE could ever find me... Find a comfortable spot.

    peace and happy smokes
  5. Na ive never tripped no lsd or shrooms and i dont think ive had any laced shit but maybe i did once cause i saw like one blotch but i smoked out of a bong for my first time but besdies that no laced shit
  6. Some people just weren't meant for drugs I think. I had no problem but then I had to push my luck with other shit so unfortunately me and miss Mary are on a break. I never had the problem before halluconegens though so you probably were just really high and you let your mind got the better of you. I would say try again sometime when you know all you will be doing is relaxing and having fun and you won't just sit around thinking because that's hen I start having brain troubles.
  7. sometimes when i'm high it's like i'm stuck in a bubble with only my thoughts, which can sometimes freak me out if i'm thinking about something morbid. usually happens when i have something emtionally stressful happening in my life. but yeah, mostly i'm fine when i'm stoned. depends on my mood really. but if everythings sweet, then i laugh my ass of with my friends, or think about really wierd happy shit. but i get a little paranoid when i'm around ppl i don't trust. so maybe you were uncomfortable round whoever you were having a sess with or uncomfortable with your surroundings. if i were you i would try having a sess with some close mates and do it somewhere where i felt really comfortable. goodluck dude!! =) if it of my close friends doesn't smoke pot anymore cause it freaks her out.
  8. Of course not! I'm a perfectly sta\ble human being......GGGGAAAAAHHHHHH Die die die die die d the whole world die Damn you all to eternal flame...I will take over the world......\

    LOL :)
  9. it could just be 'cause you're still new to it... for some people it takes 'em a while to get used to everything, and it sometimes freaks ya out (happened to me when i first started)... so maybe that's what's happening to ya? lol, i don't even know if this makes sense 'cause i'm stoned out of my head :) lol, good luck man.


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