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Does Marijuana Make Your Menstrual Cycle Irregular ?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by s3kans, May 25, 2013.

  1. I have been having trouble finding any factual evidence of heavy cannabis use effecting menstrual cycle. A lot of hearsay internet evidence. but i would like to know how much truth is in it and if so what is the science behind it?

  2. i don't believe it would actually change the length of your cycle. but it is great for pms symptoms. i have seen this with my own eyes.
  3. Ran it at PubMed and came up pretty much empty! There are a few on how cannabinoids are useful in endometriosis, and how for a brief period, THC can interfere with implantation of an egg, but nothing on cannabis messing up a gal's periods! Dieting can do it, however, as can heavy exercise or long distance running. And "great" doesn't cover it for PMS! Cannabis is FANTASTIC! :yay:
    Granny :wave:
  4. Cannabis is beautiful for PMS symptoms - my gf and I both use it this way!As for an irregular menstrual cycle, I've never heard of that and have never personally experienced it.
  5. Agree with others. It never affects the time of my cycle, but completely eradicates all the painful symptoms! :D
  6. I have stopped bleeding completely when I take massive bong rips. Is that normal? It gives me a warm sleepy feeling like I am drifting down a river.

    Canibus for all of us!

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