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Does marijuana grow wild anywhere?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Lotek-Rider, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. I was just reading a users sig about marijuana being made from the earth and i started to think about way back when, maybe around the indians time or before that. Where did marijuana grow? Like what parts of the world. And do you think there are some parts of the world, like in deep forests that nobody goes to does it just grow freely?
  2. i read that in afghanistan the rebels hide in pot forests because infared cannot see them there because the plants give off so much heat.
  3. I know for a fact it grows naturally in the middle east not sure if it does in North america tho.
  4. there places all over the world. I know in southeast asia there are giant pot forests with some bangin ass bud. I think in the midwestern united states it does to but it isn't potent enough to smoke because in the colonial days they grew it for hemp.
  5. Yea, like the dakotas have some natural weed on the highways, but I dont think that they are smokeable.....at least if you wanna get high.
  6. Lots of feral weed in the midwest. Most of it is hemp left over from when hemp was legal, but then again a lot of growers have been sowing seeds left and right so if you know where they threw them, some good weed is out there.

    Every summer I pull at least a half dozen plants from my yard that birds have deposited. ;)
  7. thats cool that was growing by your house. Lots of feral weed in the midwest you say? Around what parts?
  8. There is an article in high times about a place in Kazakhstan where weed grows wild. It said

    the cops tried burning it and it just all grew back. Pretty fucking cool.
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    Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Northern California, Alaska(Matanuska Valley), British Columbia, Spain, Burma, Nepal, Afghanistan and India to name a few. Basically anywhere that's secluded and has fertile land will be bound to have crops all over.

    Edit: As far as I know, the only species that grow wild in America anymore are Ruderalis variants. There are, however, places where MJ has been kept cultivated for several hundreds of years(Matanuska Valley, BC, Burma, Nepal, etc), but people from such places don't take kindly to strangers.
  10. Yeah, that was pretty cool. I think it was the Chu valley, wasn't it?
  11. Yea I'm reading that magazine right now.. "Chu Valley(place diesel lover is talking about) currently produces around 140,000 tons of marijuana and 5,000 to 6,000 tons of hashish each year"
  12. sorry for the spelling
    that the only contry i know

  13. I'm drooling here. To put that in perspective, that's 127,005,863,600 grams.

    I waaaaant.
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    its a plant, nah man it doesnt grow naturally...
    look up hindu kush mountains

    and im suprised no one has mentioned the famous Australian bush buds, the plants down there are like 20 feet tall
  15. Well, when my dad was a kid him and all of his cousins, brothers, and friends would smoke in this one spot(they lived on a farm in the middle of farm country) and flick all of their seeds around. Well, marijuana started growing wild all around the area. They couldn't get rid of it I guess.

    To this day you can go to the family farm and find it growing in that area.
  16. Yea, it has been said a couple time on the thread, but it grows in the Chu Valley in Kazakhstan wildly, but I;m sure there are other places that aren't even known about where it grows wildly. I have to assume that it doesn't grow with the potency of professional growers though.
  17. ya weed grows wildly in the states but like stated before its ditch weed give you a headache. down home when you walk to the river from the railroad tracks there's just a shit ton of plants but no good. live in the midwest and during the spring/summer/fall you can find it everywhere.
  18. There's all kinds of bad bud growing naturally 30 mins south of where i'm at. It's left overs from when they grew hemp for the war efforts. Despite constant attempts to irradicate it, the beautiful plant still remains.
  19. Yeah, ditwchweed grows in some places I remember reading about some old woman getting arrested some years back for selling it, too. She thought it was some other kind of useful plant.

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