Does marijuana get better stonier with time?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by hydroled, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. I harvested 2 weeks ago - Air dried upside down for 5 days and paper bag dried for 5 days then jar dried for 3 days. It gets you high but not stoned. Mids are more stoney than the recently harvested. Is it to early for the pot to be good or does pot reach it's potency level by now. The buds are dry, not much moisture.
  2. how long was your plant in flower before you harvested?
  3. Well cured bud is more potent, imo, than freshly dried. Not a WHOLE lot, but some. The cure definitely smooths the smoke though.
  4. How long do you usually dry and/or cure your buds after harvest before you toke it?

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  5. Flowered 7 weeks with 400 watt hps, soil, no nutrients except promix bx and worm castings.
  6. i dry until the stem snaps rather easily but not cleanly (kinda has a few strands of stalk holding it together). The time varies based on time of year/humidity since i hang dry in my closet after pulling out all my clothes. i then jar it for about a month (burping daily for about a week and then leaving it sealed until ready to smoke) before starting to smoke it.
  7. [quote name='"hydroled"']Flowered 7 weeks with 400 watt hps, soil, no nutrients except promix bx and worm castings.[/quote]

    Most strains need more than 7 weeks to flower. Average is about 9. That bud looks premature. Next time feed them nutes and molasses and flower a couple more weeks and it should turn out better.
  8. Thats probably a difference in thc/cbd ratios, mids are usually more indica dominant.
  9. i agree, it looks and sounds like you harvested too early, there isn't much you can do now

    and also the size/density of the flowers will determine how long it takes to dry
  10. Next time use nutes, youll get much fatter buds. Flower longer. The main point of curing is to make a smooth smoke not really to increase the potency.

    Also greatly depends on your strain. THC levels are genetically locked in. Meaning if that strain can only make 15% thats all it ever will make. Properly growing your plants, flowering to optimum time maximizes THC levels...could cure for 6 months and it wont help. Your bud is the byproduct of the grower. Half assed grow with no nutes half ass bud usually.

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