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Does Marijuana Affect Your Kidneys?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by BlowinTesticals, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. My dad has just been released from the hospital with borderline kidney failure. He did a kidney biopsy but insisted on leaving the hospital while waiting for the results. He has smoked weed all his life, since 15 he says. As a teen he said that he did a report on marijuana and read that it does hurt your kidneys. He is debating on quoting smoking after all this time. Does it actually effect the kidneys? If anybody has any studies proving it it would help a ton! Thanks in advance, :smoke:
  2. afaik, there are no conclusive studies.

    but if he is concerned, then clearly he should not smoke. placebo effect alone can be damaging... why risk it, even if there is a minimal chance of a bad reaction? not something a person with near kidney failure should be doing.
  3. Despite what either side says there is little scientific evidence to support any negative effects. Questions like this are really life and death matters though and should be answered by a MD.

    There is evidence as to the toxicity of weed though... Basically distiller water is more toxic to humans than weed. I highly doubt it has a serious effect if any at all. However I cannot stress enough ask the doctor. Doctors don't care they aren't going to call the cops.
  4. except doctors are clueless about this.
    they don't have access to some magical source of knowledge or secret research.

    and i can promise you any MD would say "do not smoke". (and in this situation i would agree with them).
  5. Yes, your kidneys are going to be doing what they do, filtering blood/urine etc etc. but it shouldn't be overworking them at all. Most health problems don't stem from one specific thing in your life.
  6. There are pro weed doctors they would certainly tell you if there is a legitimate reason not too.

  7. and are you suggesting to seek out a pro weed doctor so that he would not talk the person out of smoking?

    what happened to common sense?
  8. No I suggest he goes to a doctor that prescribes medical weed so that he is speaking with somebody that knows what the hell he is talking about. Just because the doctor supports medical marijuana does not mean he will kill his patient by advising him to smoke weed when it is hazardous to his particular condition. They are still doctors and liable for malpractice if they injure somebody through negligence.

    I thought that was common sense. Apparently you think it's stupid to ask a medical marijuana doctor about a medical marijuana issue.
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    No, he's suggesting that he find a doctor that isn't blatantly biased against marijuana so that they receive a legitimate answer, which is a good idea considering a doctor with such a bias would ignore any possible positive effects and risks that could be detrimental in abruptly ceasing something he did since he was 15 while he's sick, just because he's sick. If it were my dad, such ignorance in risk assessment would get a doctor fired from his care.

    Here is the section for Kidney's in Granny's MMJ Reference List July 2012 Ed.
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    Hey man forget all that drama..go to WebMD.com.They have an article in there that states that some kidney transplant patients use marijuana to help decrease that chance of rejection.There is a lot of info. there. But I do  have an ex that saids that he had to quit because it caused his kidneys to shut down and also a neighbors friend....I my self have never had a problem in the 20 plus years   but I think each individual is different ..some get cancer from smoking ,some don't.
  11. I could see if he just gets bad cotton mouth and dehydrates himself basically. I'm no doctor but I would say to tell him to give it a week or two rest and see how he's feeling. Also does e do and body building? I know it sounds weird but that fake protein shit can mess a guy up according to my doctor
  12. No, but alcohol does

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