Does light leaking out mean light is leaking in?

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  1. so lift leaked through my tent, a few pinholes, quite a few around a couple of duct holes and through the zipper. I've used tape on the holes and I put a sheet over the duct holes. But what about the xipper. If light is coming out does that mean light can get in, not by turning on the room light but like from daylight...

  2. I wouldn't worry too much.
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  3. I have a sliding door closets and have done numerous grow with some light peeking in here and there with no adverse effects.

    Meanwhile ive seen some people play the duct tape light chase game to the point it is neurotic.
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  4. probably but not enough to cause any harm. outside isnt that dark anyways.. with the moonlight and all.

    if youre paranoid about it fold a piece of tape like half way but leave some tape exposed... tape it above the zip or wherever and let that little flap of tape cover it up
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  5. Won't hurt it at all u need to have the vents open for good circulation

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