Does life seem surreal?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Hello Kitty, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. For me, it does a lot. I look upon my life in my depressive fits. What it has been, what it will be. Thinking about being old, looking back on when I was young before I started to think like this. The idea of death burdens me everyday. It leads me to believe in something more, almost like life isn't real. I want to think that an afterlife exists. But sadly all I can think is that death leads to nothingness. Something I can't cope with. I have been thinking all of my life. I can deal with the loss of pain, but the idea of not thinking anymore scares the hell out of me. I do not want it to end.
  2. i do the same thing. i have flashbacks to 5-6 years ago and i also picture myself 10 years down the road and still looking back on the moments in past. i'll probably end up wondering why i spent so much time thinking about anything other than the present. it's kind of become a loop. always thinking about any other time other than the present. at any given moment, any action you make triggers an endless amount of possibilities, and so by making more actions in a positive sense (that would be relative to what ever type of person you are), then you open up an endless amount of positive future possibilities. i just wish i could live by my own word.
  3. i think i kind of went in a different direction now that i re read your post.

    i agree with the idea of not being able to think being a saddening one. i also love thinking and would not be any happier if i could remain a thought after i die. don't really care what happens to my body, i just want to be able to think.
  4. HI! there life after death. Hmm I don't think we ever die in the first place.
    Yes our bodies seem to die. But I don't feel like my consciousness is derived from my body. It feels as if my consciousness choose to be in this body in the first place. I'm energy and my energy will simply change form when my body dies. This is were my pursuit of knowledge has led me thus far. And quite logical when you put the piecs together.

    Ready for the puzzle? :D

  5. Don't we all.....

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