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Does legal bud contain THC?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mike23, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I've always heard of legal bud on online stores like 420.com and such, but why is it legal, is it a scam, does it get you high? I am considering buy some and having it shipped to my home. Advice anyone? :confused:

  2. Obviously legal bud does not have THC in it genius, otherwise it would just be.... real weed....

  3. dont do it. waste of money. buy real bud for sure
    doesnt even get you high
  4. Actually..

    There was some research delving into a certain few un-named products, they were actually found to have JWH-078/013 in them, which is essentially a synthetic THC research chemical.

    It feels like weed. I've smoked JWH-x and it seems it does feel like weed, but a lot is missing from the high, in comparison to the bud in overall satisfaction...(the other cannabidoids that are present in the plant-- not to mention the act of SMOKING BUD).

    surre it's quasi-legal, but i prefer my shit instead.
  5. alright cool, thx

  6. I have a related question. If I were to smoke legal bud, would it show up in a drug test? Saliva or urine?

    I'm going to be acting in a film where two characters smoke weed, but I will be getting randomly drug tested for THC at my school for a prior infraction.
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    jwh is not really a synthetic THC. thats a misconception.

    JWH is not a cannabinoid, its something else that is very similar. but there hasnt really been any research on the potential negative health effects of these JWH blends and i heard most of them come from china/taiwan. so id be weary personally.

    but a lot of people say its similar to bud

    here you go http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JWH-018

    and no it wont show up on a drug test, its not THC

  8. So legal buds contain ZERO THC???

  9. yes. or else it would be illegal buds
  10. No. It has synthetically produced cannabinoids. If you want to know more just google it.THC of any form other than Marinol pills are illegal.
  11. No. That's what Marinol is. Legal bud contains NO cannabinoids.

  12. read the link i posted above, it has jwh-018. which is NOT a synthetic cannabinoid, but it acts similarly in th ebrain to a cannabinoid. but it is not the same as a synthetic cannabinoid, totally different family of chemicals

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