Does Kief have a smell?

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  1. You got sand bro, kief smells like the weed it came from .

    [quote name='"Elechronic"']"What do you think Sarge, do you think this is paraphernalia?" "Well, it does say 'weed loading surface' on it."
  2. clearly smoking515 read the entire thread and contributed useful info :p
  3. Either it's pipe resin witch will still get you high but nothing like a weed high , or it just some random black rubbery shit. You do know kief it golden green and is the constancy of sand

    [quote name='"Elechronic"']"What do you think Sarge, do you think this is paraphernalia?" "Well, it does say 'weed loading surface' on it."
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    This is kief
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  5. After smelling it, playing with it in my hands a bit and taking it apart, I'm fairly certain that it's resin or mud, can't quite tell. Regardless, gonna talk to the guy about this, see what to do from here. After looking at pictures, and getting your guy's feedback, there is no way this is what I paid for.
  6. well, hash can be the same consistency of resin... once pressure is applied the trichomes lose their form and it becomes one big blob rather than a sandy like material

  7. almost 3 ounces for 270?! are you fucking me?

    i would be happy to get an ounce for that much... :mad:

    wish weed wasn't so damn expensive

  8. yea... by the oz its 150 an oz. I can get a qp for around 500 so i guess its 375 for 3 oz's at that price... cause if im getting 3, i may as well get 4 and get the qp price break lol

  9. It's kinda squishy if I squeeze very lightly, once some pressure is applied, it breaks apart, but can be squished back together. The smell is NOTHING like weed, it's not a very strong smell either, need to get right up close to it to get a good whiff of it. Does this sound like it could be hash? I was really under the impression that I was getting good shit until I took a look at it, at that point it didn't seem like anything impressive
  10. well if it was resin it would likely stink like shit.... so there is a good chance it isnt resin lol but ive had scentless hash before... and hash that smells extremely strong, depends on so many things

  11. True, I guess it can't really be resin, I didn't really think about how that would smell. Added info, after squeezing it a bit just now, it smudged quite a bit on my hand, not quite sure what that means
  12. Like SIRSOG said, definitely not resin.

    Could be pressed kief from shitty weed, like mids or shwag that have lost its terpenoid content (due to it being old, or being left outside of jars where the terpenes would evaporate over time). This, it having no discernable smell.

    Or possibly it was cut with something to increase weight, which is a popular tactic in the overseas hash market.
  13. I've had pressed kief that smelled like almost nothing, I found it on the road ;)

    I literally had to put my nose right over it to get a faint smell of ganja, and it was real

    Smoke a little bit and give it a try

  14. What do you mean cut with something? It doesn't look like anywhere near the amount I paid for, even though I weighed it and it matched up, if it was cut with something would it look like the amount it is but weight the right amount?

    I think regardless of what the situation is, I got ripped off here for sure. Doesn't sound like there's a chance that that's fresh, high quality stuff

  15. Did it end up being good stuff? I don't even get a faint smell of weed, I get a faint smell, but it isn't weed, that much I'm certain of

  16. Cut, as in additives were added to help weigh it down. Very famous for the hash trade (soap bar hash). Meaning, let's say you got like 4gs of this, if they had 50% additives and 50% kief, and pressed it together to get your product, you'd be getting 2g of kief, 2g of shit.
  17. really man you're only gonna know when you try it, we can only say so much on a forum. Your options are either to toss it and never know if it was hash; or give it a try and be really happy or really sad, but at least you'll know
  18. like others have sead, resin smells awful, and thats obviously not kief. call the guy and tell him that you know what kief looks like and ask him whats up with this shit. you can tell by his answer if hes bullshiting or not.

  19. Fucking try it already! What if it's some bomb hash?
  20. That's like a clump of dirt

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