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does keif go bad?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by carbonbmw, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. hey guys got a ? Does keif go bad after a while. I have a lot of keif just chilling in a stash jar, and the lid has a nice seal. Its been chilling there for like 4 months and i just keep adding to it. I even threw in 2 small nugs and they have been in there since the begining of june and man they are COVERED in keif. But ya so does it go bad?
  2. well to judge that weed hafta see this "stash jar".....j/k but am interested

    but as far as the longevity of keif id imagine it would b just about the same as buds themselves
  3. im no scientist but i would say kief would last longer than bud. because bud is not just thc bud is plant matter. so my guess is that plant matter would go bad before the thc itself.
  4. If it's stored in a cool, completely dark place in an airtight glass container it can last a looooooong time. Problems arise when the THC starts to degrade into cannabinol or CBN through time, but that process can be almost halted by using what I described earlier.
  5. Yeah as long as its not oxidizing and breaking down into CBD you're fine.
  6. sorry guys what is cbd and how do i know its happening
  7. whats kief?
  8. cbd = Cannabidiol and keif is essentially THC
  9. are you joking?
  10. in some parts it's called pollen or crystals or trichromes or whatever.
  11. kief gets you mega stoned, its all the crystals on the plant. when you grind your weed the little crystals fall through a screen to collect your kief, its probably more than 50% thc depending on the screen in your grinder
  12. sorry guys what is cbd and how do i know its happening
  13. show us a picture of the jar im curious to see it :)

    i couldnt see it going bad as long as it doesnt go moldy just keep it dry and it will be fine


    [SIZE=-1]cannabidiol is a major though non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana. For me as a medicinal patient, it is an invaluable compound in pot. This is the stuff responsible for the anti-nausea (and munchies) effect of pot. For MS and Huntington's patients, and Crohns sufferers, the [/SIZE]Anti-dyskinetic effects of CBD are very important. But alas, it doesn't get one high. Infact, it blocks some of the effects of THC and potentiates others. Some of the analgesic effects of pot are due to the way THC and CBD interact. Check this out for anyone curious

    I'll let others comment on the breakdown. I know that a glass jar in a dark, non-damp spot is the best for storing pot.

    I also use a silk kief catcher which goes a long way :)

  15. your joking are you in the seasoned tokers forum?...
  16. chill out. there ARE possibilities that someone could smoke for a while and NOT know what kief is
  17. the real question should be, why are YOU in the seasoned tokers section? it's people like you that make fun of people and put people down for no reason that people think that grasscity is full of arrogant assholes. there is NOTHING wrong with what he did, he asked a question because he did not know, if people arent allowed to ask questions then how are we supposed to learn? keep the negativity to yourself
  18. haha well it looks like lax & BIV took care of this for me but yea i neg repped all you people bashing. i hate to see it in the forums. if your a seasoned toker than handle yourself wiht maturity compassion and understanding not .... whatever the hell that was
  19. I went like 2 months of blazin' b4 I knew what it was, it sure is possible. I knew what it was when I was told but when I heard "Kief" I was like :S? So yeah, take it easy on him if he isn't joking.
  20. cbd isnt necessarily bad.. its what makes up indicas.. he was talking about cbn but he said cbd..

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