Does it take more weed for fat guys to get high

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  1. I never thought it did but I have noticed my best friend that is very large has always gone threw more weed than I do and we both smoke pretty much all the time and I have known other big guys and they all seem to smoke a shit ton of bud when they smoke. Does it actually take more pot to get them high or do they just gorge on the weed like they do food?
  2. Not sure. My friend is double me, and i can out smoke him, but i think it's because i smoke more, and more often.
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  3. Yeah tolerance is a bigger factor than weight with weed for sure but I am asking if two guys both get all the time does it take more to get a bigger guy high?
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  4. No. I've been skinny and fat it has no difference. It's all about your tolerence. in fact most of my time being a fat guy I have had a low tolerance and smoke a lot less than a lot of people.

    edit: ur friend probably just likes to get higher and consideres himself "high enough" at a different point than you.
  5. With all else equal, i wouldn't think so. But then again, i have no proof. Like you said in your first post, it could be a gluttony thing. Im a gluttonious person, but with a high metabolism, and i generally smoke more than needed per sesh.
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  6. So do I. The comedian Gallagher always said "smoking weed when you are already high doesn't make you more high it just makes you have less weed", which is known as the Gallagher rule, but I have found that very few pot heads follow the Gallagher rule we just smoke weed all day long so I am not so sure the gorge thing applies since I pretty much smoke all day long too. I am actually wondering how he smokes so much more than I do when we both smoke all day every day.
  7. I would guess at yes,though this is just based on metabolic rates and the such.It takes more drug to knock out an elephant than it does a cat,so I say yes.(here come the correctors)
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  8. The biggest lightweight I know (Literally the biggest) is a friend of mine and he is very fat and he got so high he dropped my water bong and shattered it. He's a trip lol
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  9. We all have one of them guys lol,they funny to watch choking n shiz. Tolerance is one thing I didn't take into account as then the weight thing would be irrelevant really.I was thinking about 2 straight heads with zero tolerance, fatty n skinny.
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  10. I have been smoking pot for neigh on 30 years now and I still get high from just a couple of hits of even seedy weed, though not as high as I did back in 1988 when I was 13. Just the other day I got all high and I forgot my small glass steam roller was on my lap and I stood up and that fucker shattered. It really pissed me off to because I bought it on grasscity and even though I ordered a replacement the shipping takes forever.
  11. I never in my life considered how much weed it would take to get an elephant high lol I imagine it would be a fair amount more than a human but how would you really know the elephant was high and how would you get the elephant to take a bong hit? I would think you would have to go with edibles and of course it would take a lot of milligrams of cannabis edibles to get an elephant high. This is only theoretical though so please don't flag this for talking about animals getting high. I have no access to any elephants so there is no way I will trying to get an elephant high.
  12. I never said getting it high,(pictures of dumbo taking a bong hit threw his trunk,lol)I was referring to when they knock em out for tagging and what not.They judge how much it take based on there size. on weed.Yes.
  13. I'm the smallest of my friends and I use the most weed. I like being higher than them and my tolerance is higher accordingly.

    My 250 lb friend can take one good hoot off my vape and be high as shit for hours. I need two bags to get the same effect.

    Tolerance trumps body weight pretty easily.
  14. Hate that word right now,Trumps.Every ten minutes. ✋ Stop
  15. If you took a 150 lb and a 300lb man, both of whom never smoked... And they both smoke the same amount, i bet the 150lb would be higher. Its the same with booze. When you compare a seasoned smoker to a non, its like apples to oranges.
  16. This was what I was trying to say.Metabolic rates and so on.Can't believe so many people replied to this hypothetical question. Lol
  17. No... I dont think so... its not the same thing with ganja as with alcohol, where a big fat man can drink more before him get drunk.
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  18. I don't think anyone really knows the answer for sure. If they do I sure haven't been able to find it and I've looked several times over the years.
  19. Stop bringing politics into everything. That really gets on my nerves. This is not a political discussion if you want to talk about politics please do so in a post about politics.
  20. Don't tell me what to do, who do you think you are? Big mouth.I hardly brought politics into anything you cock.I said I was sick of that word,nothing else.

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