does it sound like this girl likes me?

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  1. lol. okay so I go to the library on a regular basis cus I am taking my law school exam in about 3 weeks. and I see the same girls there at the coffee stand that I get my coffee from.

    this one girl I used to go to highschool with (7 years ago) lol. anyways whenever she sees me she sounds like she's really excited to see me and today she was complimenting me she was saying I was looking really good today and I said thanks. I just assume she is being friendly. I don't really know her so could be she is just one of those really friendly people. but I remember my ex girlfriend telling me how she was always trying to give me hints that she likes me and I wouldn't get it, like smiling at me or complimenting me.

    so my question is how the hell can you tell the difference between a girl just being friendly or trying to give you signs that she likes you.

    oh and i'm not even really interested in dating this girl even though she is pretty cute but i just want to know in general if there is a way to know if a girl is interested in you vs just being friendly.
  2. I'd say she DOES like you and wants you to approach her!If you find her cute and she seems interested then why the fuck not atleast try?!

    Don't let it get like your other library girl thread dude.Just try right away and if she doesn't want to then it's done,over with and out of the question.

    Please do it for yourself and grasscity!
  3. I think it's cus I have low self confidence. I don't think she'd like me especially as we went ot the same highschool. like she used to date the really good looking popular gusy in highschool and I didn't have many friends in highschool and girls weren't into me in highschool. I was like the nerdy quiet stoner kid.

    also she seems like a really friendly person so I just assume she must just be trying ot be nice to me? but I don't know like my ex told me I'm pretty clueless with getting signs that a girl is interested in me.
  4. also how would I go about asking her out.... if did want to. I don't really know much about her or if she is single. I just talked to her and know that she works 2 part time jobs and she isn't in school.
  5. THAT right there pretty much sums it up bro!

    dude and as far as the highschool bullshit goes,people are worried about what their friends will think so they dont go for what they truly's about fitting in with the crowd.

    but she was a girl,a child back then.people grow up and get over shit like that and if it's been years since you've had contact with her or seen her and she remembers you and gets excited about seeing you AND compliments you!shit bro i'd say that's pretty damn obvious.

    just fuckin talk to her about how shes been and if she still talks to so and so from school or something,then ask if she wants to sit down and get coffee(from somewhere else)and chat sometime,then if she says yes,get her number and you will be golden,trust me!

    honestly as much as i hate your complaining(hahaha)im still rooting for you,man!
  6. thanks.... I'll see what I can do. I get super nervous when I want to ask a girl out.

    with my ex people told me that she liked me and wanted me to ask her out. so before I asked her out I already knew she would say Yes but I still was so nervous I turned all red when I asked her out and almost had a heart attack. lol.

    and my ex is only 18..... this girl is 25 and a 25 year old women will think it's weird for a 25 year old dude to turn red and get all nervous when asking her out to cofeee.....

  7. Just don't let on that you're nervous!I know its easier said then done,but just act like you don't have a care in the world,but not in a douchey way either.Just like,nothing bothers you kind of.

    Just remember,she's a person just like you!Nothing more,nothing less.
  8. Best advice I can give you is to just be yourself.

    High school shit is done and over with, you are both grown.

    Be honest, you could tell her you have always liked her, but she made you nervous, most chicks dig me.

    Try to relax, it is just a conversation. Time will tell if it is to be more.
  9. Assume she does, it gives you more confidence.
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    Hey man, to be perfectly honest, I think you should ask her out.
    She said you looked good? and you didn't return the compliment? *shakes head*
    She sounds nice.
    If she recognizes you, and acts excited and friendly towards you, I think you should get to know her better... Just to see where it goes.
    Think of it like that.

    I was a nerdy kid in HS. I was also the stoner.
    I had a few close friends, but in regards to overall 'popularity', I was probably close to the bottom of the spectrum.
    I was a late bloomer. I'll admit it.
    First kiss- Junior year
    V-card was lost after I graduated.

    But that is in the past now.

    Now that I have some life experience under my belt, when I run into people I haven't seen in a while, I feel good.
    I don't worry about how I acted years ago... Why would I? What does that have to do with anything nowadays?
    By the way - It is better to be remembered as the quiet type rather than a loud mouth.

    The girls that I knew from HS(not my friends, just acquaintances in class) still think of me as the shy, innocent, sweet guy that I was.
    Girls love that stuff.
    Trust me, girls have told me about how cute they thought I was back in high school, and how they had the biggest crush on me...
    I guess I was just too nervous to realize it.

    This girl has already thought about going out with you.
    She wants you to ask her.
    In actuality, she is waiting for you to ask... because that is how you play the game.
    She can't do all of the work for you... where's the fun in that?
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    Holy fuck u took the words outa my mouth!!!

    +Neutral rep! Wewt

    Listen to kannabis hes 100% right.
  12. id show her de cockkkkk!!!
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    well I never really had a crush on her or anything lol. and I still don't have a crush on her. I just think she is a good looking girl so I woulnd't mind dating her or even just getting to know her like friends. and she seems pretty cool and I know she smokes weed. but she's asian and I know I prefer caucasian girls (not racist or anything but i'm pretty picky and feel most attarcted to brown or black haired caucasian girls like greeks, italians, jewish, armenian, persian). but I know this makes my options really limited....... I can only think of 3 girls i've had a crush on in my life and i'm 25.....

    but I didn't even feel attracted to my ex girlfriend until after I started dating her....she had a crush on me...... she was ukranian with light brown hair and she knew I liked dark brown/ black hair so she changed her haircolour for me lol ( I didn't tell her to, she just knew I liked dark hair).

    I feel like i'm too picky and should try and date more girls so I can get over my shyness and just try to have fun instead of waiting around for my ideal girl to come around.

    I dunno I feel confused. not really sure what I want....

    edit: that's why I said I was just wondering if she likes me not nessarily to ask her out or to date her. but I feel clueless when it comes to interpreting things girls say.

    like I know when I have had a crush on some girl I'd try to interpret everything they did to mean something when a lot of it meant nothing and I was just searching for clues to tell me she likes me.

    and other times girls that I later found out liked me were trying to give me clues and I had no idea at all that they were interested. I just thought they were being nice to me or friendly.

    for example i had a huge crush on some girl 2 years ago and she would always smile at me and giggle when she walked by me (at work) and she'd come to me to start conversations with me etc so I thought she liked me and I asked her out and go rejected, got her number but she never answered.
  14. You want to ask this girl out.
    You want to show her a good time.

    You want to get the fuck out of your head.
  15. lol. part of me just wants to date her even though is not my ideal type of girl cus she is asian and I pretty much exclusively like dark haired caucasian girls.

    i've been single since being dumped by my 18 year old ex 9 months ago and i'm 25 and I still think about my ex and wonder if she'll ever come back. lol yeah I know i'm pretty pathetic.

    I think just casually going on dates with girls even if I don't plan on making them my girlfriend would help with my confidence and help me get out out of the house and have fun.

    someone mentioned that I keep on making excuses on why I can't ask a girl out. I think that may be true.... possible that i'm too scared to try something new or to put myself in an uncomfortable siuation (like getting rejected) so i make excuses not to do it.
  16. If she smiles when she sees you and compliments you; she certainly doesn't dislike you..

    Now it's up to you to ask fo that numba!
  17. yeah no kidding she doesn't disklike me haha. but just because you don't dislike someone doesn't mean you're attracted to them and want to date them.

    like I will smile and talk to girls I don't want to date. I'm actually more serious and talk less around girls I am attracted to cus I get nervous.
  18. Like I said man, it's up to you to ask for her number, or ask her out on a date right there.

    Either way, finding out whether or not she really likes you will be based on the answer to that. Get her number? She likes you. She wants to go out to dinner sometime? She likes you.

    Good luck.
  19. I guess... but I like to have a good clue whether a girl likes me (wants to date me and not just being friendly) before asking them out. I think you should have a pretty good idea of whether she will reject you or not.....
  20. Body language.That's how you tell.

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