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Does it offend you...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theholygrail, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Does it offend you when people say "you kinda look like a stoner..."? Somebody said that to me tonight, and I actually felt pretty god damn cool. But I wondered if I should take it as a compliment or not.... I suppose it depends on what qualities a stoner has. What do you think?
  2. Nobody has said that to me since high fact my buddies tell me I look like a cop more than anything :laughing: it is not "cool" or good to be a stoner in any way, it's stupid as shit and a waste of your time...
  3. Lol... I guess I just kind of dig the dirty hippie look... Prolly cause Im in a band...
  4. by all means, whatever creams your twinkie dude

    I'm just saying that being a stereotypical "stoner" is not something to be proud of
  5. Doesn't offend me at all, I usually just smile or something along those lines and go upon whatever I was doing.
  6. It's funny because before I smoked weed I had a social anxiety problem so when I would talk to people I would sort of not open my eyelids fully to try and avoid strong eye contact and just be ignored. This made me look like I was very high and everyone I talked to would comment on me looking high or like a stoner.

    After I started smoking weed, I didn't have the anxiety any more and I opened my eyelids fully to appreciate everything and no one said I looked like a stoner any more
  7. i'd say stoner is someone who smokes weed and stays stoned but is also very productive... id say pothead is more derogatory of a term

  8. Haha, fuck you Im proud of who I am! :D :smoke:
  9. I get called a pothead by some of my teachers. You just gotta brush the dirt off your shoulders if it offends you, and if you think it's cool then more power to you.
    I am kinda known around my school as being a "pothead" I constantly get kids walking up to me asking me if they can buy weed. I don't mind the "reputation" i guess. But i guess words flow to teachers, because whenever I am sleepy or something in class, they immediately assume I'm high. Gets old at times but never really bothers me too much.
  10. In my mind, stoner is a term that can be both a compliment and a derogatory term, depending on it's usage.
    In general, I steer clear of the term but I use it form time-to-time. However, I can tell when somebody throws it out in a negative way.
  11. someone once said that about me, but i have a very clean cut look, like something out of leave it to beaver, and i was offended.
    its essentially the same as someone calling you something ur not, or dont attempt to emulate.
  12. One of my good friends doesn't smoke, but people always tell him he looks like a stoner. To me, it doesn't really matter one way or another.
  13. If it was legal, I wouldn't care. But since it isn't in Michigan, I tend to care how I appear to others. Which I HATE. I'd rather grow out my hair and beard but jobs discriminate and so do cops.

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