Does it matter where you have been?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Dec 4, 2003.


Does it matter where you have been?

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  1. polls my friends.... polls.
  2. its not where you have been
  3. Digit ?? you seem like outa ideas
  4. lts what you have experienced in the past that shapes your future.p.s. l reckon its a good poll :D...pps what person doesn,t learn from past mistakes ?????
  5. yes, if you know the direction you came from you know the direction you're going. Unless you're walking around on a giant game board from 'chutes and ladders' it's not too hard to figure out.
  6. it should matter where you've been, what you've seen - but no one really gives a fuck. No one believes you anyway. Why should you have to justifiy the truth?
  7. american voting citizens ... ?
  8. Where you've been can be indicative of who you are since it helps mold you but people change and sometimes that doesn't hold true for all. Although, where you've been can be what caused the change.

    What really matters is today...the present. Tomorrow, today won't matter so much.
  9. lts what you do and how you behave that dictates what people think of you ,just like here .l know no one here personally but l know more about most of the people here than thier best friends ,lol.go figure ?????
  10. Yes, somewhat, you can reference them for answers to questions... but then the real answers are inside... eh....
  11. i ask myself weather it matters where i have been all the time....

    right affter i realize i dont know where ive been....

  12. so true
  13. i don't think it's where you've been. it's where you're going. anyone agree?

    and it's good to see you again digit. we missed you.

  14. some things....never change;):smoke:

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