Does it matter where you come from?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Sep 21, 2003.


Does it matter where you come from?

  1. yes.

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  2. no.

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  1. ;) Just plantin seeds. :D ;)
  2. Yes it does... I better have come from my mother!!!! Any where else and i'll be pissed for life!!!!
  3. What matters is your vagueness!

    Does it matter where I come from?

    LMAO! You're lack of extra info will send this to the box if I go the route that's in my head and the answer would be yes.

    C'mon Digit...elaborate on your question.
  4. i refuse to elaborate.

    it is the freedom to interpret the question as you please that creates the philosophical nature of the question. ... or maybe a psychological nature. :D i wasnt expecting miss shag-me-hard-and-shag-me-now to come stumbling in here so early on ruining it. :p teehee.

  5. Miss shag-me-hard and shag-me-now???? LMAO!!!

    What's that about?

    Ok fine...I'll answer your question. does not matter.

  6. puff puff pass:D
  7. [
    the scene in dune, where the guy spits on the floor to share his water with the governor/king is very illustrative.

    it it important where one comes from ...

    to interact with someone (which is the activity I enjoy most) I think it's preferable to know some of his background.

    In order to show respect, to experience understanding, in order to help, in order to share with, in order to offer, in order to receive one has to know the values of the interlocutor.

  8. yeah. what i thought.

    so the answer is no for me.
  9. Sure it matters. Unless you are a nihilist.

  10. true. under certain restrictions. (solitude would be one of them)

    and not true..

    the path that lies behind you is not so different from the one that lays in front of you., if you can see that, then you know where you are.
  11. Im bitter about where I came from.
  12. our past reflects on our path to life to find our goals and our meanning in life depending on our expience that we have undergone is what shape our image for our future so yeah it does matter were we smoked i mean come from
  13. .............. lf only we could see that ,lol.
  14. it dont matter because we all came from the same thing.
  15. it only matters if you come from scottland ....or where ever digits fuck ass comes from ....

    cuz if dats where you be from ....

    then you are imbedded with this internal need to stay away from people who would like to see you arround all becouse of what?

    some shit that has long passed under the bridge....

    come by and say hello at least fuck wad!
  16. hello fuckwad.
  17. LOL,...hey m8..;)

  18. and a jolly up yours to you my good friend....

    bout time i see your name arround.....

    do i smell a poll coming....
  19. it matters spiritually and familiy - wize. who have to know who you are.

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