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Does it Matter How much you smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Daveey, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Hey. I had a question on my mind and I never really got it answered. I haven't been smoking for a long time, and I was just wondering. Does it matter how much you smoke in relation to your high.

    For example, is it worth smoking a gram rather than half in relation to the high? I haven't really payed attention to different levels of high, I only had two standards. I was either high or just slightly buzzed.

    Discuss? :D
  2. There is a point where your high will never get any better, and all you are doing is exposing your lungs to smoke. It's up to you to find that point and never go passed it.
  3. In that case, I haven't found that point. I remember for my first time I smoked 2 grams between two people of some high grade and I was stoned out of my ass.
  4. Isn't the amount different depending on weed? Ive smoked weed where I get super baked off a bowl, but i've also smoked weed where im just kinda high after like 4 bowls
  5. In my experience, the more I smoke, the higher I get. If I take one or two regular size hits (regular for me, at least), I get sort of half way to totally blasted. Two more hits, and I'm gone. However, I've also found that if I smoke too much right at the start, it makes me shaky and woozy and it ruins my high. I like to start off with those first few hits, see how high I get, and then just keep smoking to maintain the high for however long I like. So simple answer, yes. It absolutely matters how much you smoke. But I wouldn't smoke too much too fast. =)
  6. imo, not only is it dependant on the amount, it is also a function of the quality of the could be smoking brickweed and then smoke some dutch weed and the highs, again, imo, would differ....quite so, actually i think....
  7. High grades get me fucked up after one bowl. As a general rule, I roll mid-grades, and use a bowl for high grades. Low grades give me migraines and so I stay away from them. You also save a ton of money that way since you can be more conservative and still get super blazed.
  8. There's so many variables it's too hard to just say that. First lets just say you're smoking some dank shit. If I smoke some dank out of a little sneak toke then it's not going to get me as high as the same amount of weed in a bong. But if you smoke enough in a small piece you can get as high as a big piece it just take way more rips. There also is a point when you smoke so much you don't get higher, I did this for the 2nd time last weekend. I was partying and finished a four lokos and then I smoked so much weed at that party. I participated on 7 j's 2 blunts and 5 bowls out of this sick bubbler with like 3 chambers. It looked like a chemist set all condensed into one small space. I finally realized after I stopped smoking that I never got higher after maybe 7 or 8 things smoked.

    And earlier this summer I was smoking enough shwag to stay high all the fuckin time. if you vape it it's almost on the same level as some sick chronic out of a pipe or something.

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