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Does it make you last longer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Devin, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Hey blades, just a quick question. This weekend i have the house to myself, so im gonna have my girl over. A friend once told me that a little bit of pot can make you last longer in the sack. Is that true? Cause usually i just “unload the gun” a few hours before. ;)
  2. #2 M.A.C. 420, Feb 10, 2009
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    wrong forum.

    go to the bottom where it says "forum jump" and go to the "sex, love, and relationships" forum.

  3. sorry dude... It seemed like a legit category to put it in. :(
  4. its all good haha.:hello:

    im just saying you would probably get replies much fatser if you put it there.
  5. It won't make you last any longer but it will make it feel better.
  6. It definitely will feel better, but from past experience, it does seem to make it last a little longer too.
  7. Lol with me it appears to be the opposite. It feels so much better it is quicker. Have your girl smoke too so you dont disappoint.On a side note i broke 100 posts!:gc_rocks:
  8. just do it either way climaxing will be epic
  9. I think it does when its a good body high cause your kinda numbish, but everyone is different, especially with this kind of stuff
  10. Either it makes me last longer or because im high it appears to last longer. Either way, it feels goddamn amazing haha. I hope i get hired soon because I'm visiting my girlfriend this weekend and I want to smoke and fuck on valentines day.
  11. So I looked at this thread, and I was like "wow I have a dirty mind. I'm a sick fuck" then I opened it and I realized that I just have a smart mind that has xray vision through your postsss. :hello:

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