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does it make things worse?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by droptop, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I work for myself and my business is not doing very well right now to be honest, I owe more than we make right now but it's getting better.

    thing is when before when i had less stress i could relax when i smoked now i just get worried and cannot relax at all.. is this normal?

    i just wanna chill when i smoke, but now i just get worried and thin about all the stuff i want to forget for a while...

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Yea, if i have a problem, or im worring about something, smoking usually just makes me think about it more.
  3. I don't really know what I can tell you. When you smoke, just try not to think about any worries or concerns. Get a heavy indica and just relax!!!:smoking:
  4. Clear your mind of that stuff while sober before smoking. Play some chill music before toking up, and smoke a lot. I got a mad expensive speeding ticket and I had to force myself to forget about it for like 30 minutes then I smoked A LOT and forgot all about it until the next morning.
  5. Hey man, sorry to hear about your business, hope things keep getting better :hello:

    I too find that when I have elevated levels of stress in my life, I tend to dwell deeply on them when I get high. The way I've been able to keep this from happening is by making sure I have the right types of stimulates around me while I'm high (Music, Friends, TV, ect) basically just stuff to take your mind of your stress. Good luck :)

    P.S. Try getting really happy/chill before you smoke (listen to a few of your favorite songs to set the mood (no homo))
  6. Well yes, of course it is normal. You're feeling stressed out and worried because... you are stressed out and worried. When I smoke, I probably talk half as much as I normally do, and think 3x as much as I normally do. Whenever you smoke, do you just hand out and get stoned, or do you do something like watch a movie or Go on a drive. Do you do it with friends? Whenever you smoke try and do something to take your mind off what stresses you out. Good luck with the business man. I hope everything works out.
  7. LOL (No Homo!!)

    Thanks guys, today it's 10pm i had 3 cups of coffee all day.. i know i should have eaten but just been working non stop.

    Now i just wanna roll a joint and chill out, but I know as soon as i do all i will think of is work and bills and things i must do in the morning!

    i hope some tv and music might help me forget... just for a while... for once!

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