Does it make difference a bong with a larger water chamber ?

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  1. Hey, I just made a bong like this one using a glass coffee jar and a glass stem, and a glass bowl, everything is made of glass.


    Do you think I am getting more tar filtration because the smoke has to pass through a lot of water ? I think... (?) YES. Specially if your water is very very hot (almost boiling). But tell me, do you think that a lot of water does it really make difference ? I am getting very good hits with this thing, amazing hits, So it really works, but I don't really know if it is really filtering more tars and carcinogens than a regular bong with 1 inch of water.

    I am also using 4mm glass beads to get a better diffusion.

    Sorry, no picture for the moment. (no cam)

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  2. All it does is add drag, a 1/2 in over your top hole on the downstem.
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    What is drag in a bong ? thc loss ? I see that the hit is still potent enough and smooth. therefore, I think there is no big difference in the amount of THC.
    I just need to know if most tars are eliminated with this big filtration and hot water. I know you will recommend me to buy a vaporizer if I am so worried about tars and carcinogens, I will buy it, but I am just curious about the efficiency of this thing.:wave: Thanks.
  4. Longer filtration can help to a point, but not really enough for most people to favor it. If you want to see for yourself I would just try it with a lower water level, and compare them. (usually the water level is kept just a few mm above the top slit on the diffuser.

  5. Some of the bongs now are so smooth, and the hits are soo cool that you take a huge hit and half way though you run out of breath and it strains you lungs, the more water, the more drag AKA the harder you have to pull, I find more water dose make it a bit cooler, but ITS ALL PERSONAL PREFERENCE! If like a bong with alot of water, then hit it that way...
    Just play around with the water levels

  6. Oh I see now what drag means, thanks.

    I think that it is a myth, the water temperature does not really change the smoke temperature. I fill my bong with boiling water and the smoke does not feel very hot, it feels just good.

    Actually it does not feel too hard to pull. :smoke:
  7. If its easy to pull that use as much water as you want.

    More water = more drag.
    More drag = bad.
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    dude smaller water chamber ftw.

    ever since i got my first striaght tube , ive loved it, less drag, less water, easier to clean, and alot less cleaning solution.

    I play with water levels everytime i smoke but it seems that less water delivers the same smoothness and less drag, but thats just me, every piece has its characteristics which u just learn to get used to over time.
  9. Actually I love the drag on a bong because I am not a smoker, my lungs are kinda sensible, so I always need to inhale several small hits to get the job done. by the way, I think that small hits are more efficient, what do you think ? I fill a big container full of smoke, then I inhale all the smoke in several doses, 4 or 5.
  10. Na dude drag sucks
  11. no reason to like drag. it just takes up extra air in your lungs
  12. Sure there's more filtration, but you get smaller hits, unless you increase drag.
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    My bong has two chambers, one for filtration and one for storing the smoke, this empty chamber is really big, maybe 2 gallons. Once filled of smoke I can disconnect it from the filtration chamber (it has a connector), so when you take the smoke, there's no water adding drag. But how I said, I love drag because my lungs are a little sensible (I am not a smoker and I only smoke cannabis twice a week), so, when this chamber is filled, I put my finger in the connector to add some drag, this way I can finish this big amount of smoke in 4 or 6 shots. If I try to inhale all the smoke in one big shot, I will feel really bad, that gives me a bad cough. :D.

    I will buy this heat gun to vaporize my herbs. $80. Does anyone know if is a good idea ? or is there something better ? I see that its lowest temperature is 175 Celsius which is perfect for vaporizing.


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