does it make a difference?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 420smurfette, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if keeping plants under 24/0 compared to 18/6 makes them grow slower? I'm on 2nd grow and it seems to be taking longer for them to grow....but it could be just any opinions?
  2. I put mine at 18/6

    1. Lower power bill

    2. I heard root growth takes place in dark period.
  3. I think an 18 hour day pretty much maxes out effectiveness for vegging. There could be any number of reasons why this grow appears to be slower (maybe you're just high), but I'd switch to 18/6 and let it ride.
  4. Yeah I always do 18/6 because as the dude above said it does help the plant to root better during the dark. A plant with a bigger root system will in turn grow bigger vegetatively, remember all plants are different in one way or another so maybe its slower because its not as good a genetics as the last grow *shrugs*

    Happy growin :)
  5. Ok so to revisit this.....a week ago I dialed back to 18/6.....I have seen a drastic change in the growth of my a week it has grown about as much or a little more then it did in 2 weeks of 24/0.....huge difference....for now on I am stickin to the 18/6 for vegg. and 12/12 for flower....I'm saving money on lights and it is promoting faster growth....its a win win situation!!
  6. Thanks guys this is definatley some helpful information.. What you you run autoflowers at? 20/4 or 18/6?.. or would those be ok with 24/0?
  7. Ive ran 24 and 18 and i actually did get root-bound more quickly than the 24/0 now that i think about it.
  8. Hellokitty.....I've never done autos but as they said and my observation I would still go 18/6 and because they r autos I believe from what I've read u can keep them at 18/6 even durin the flowerin because either way they will do their thing because they r autos....someone correct me if I'm wrong
  9. I thought mine grew much quicker under 24/0. Maybe because they were under CFL and not getting enough light over 18 hours.
  10. I'm running 20/4 right now, 1 month after sprout

    going to switch to 18/6 I think, probably 1/2 hr change every couple days or so

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