Does it get you higher?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by silentsmoker93, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. Im interested in vaping simple because im not so interested in combusting my weed all the time bad for your lungs. But my question to you is " does it give you a bigger high?, less?, or no difference?

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  2. Different.   More clear headed.   Less couch lock.   A creeper.
  3. You didnt answer the question though lol

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    Well you're not instantly destroying a percent of what's on your weed so you can get higher off of the same amount that you would normally smoke with.
    I didn't?   Ok, let me try to be more clear.
    In answer to your first
    In answer to your second
    In answer to your third
    The high is not bigger, nor is it less big..........but it is different.
  6. Lol

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  7. It's different for every person.  Just like the high you get from Water pipes differ from piece to piece, it's the same with Vaporizers.  Each Vape gives you a different high.
    FOR EXAMPLE!!! (<----this is meant to sound like a proclamation, but since i'm high i'm not sure if it came across as that, hence why i'm typing this):  The high I get from my Volcano is a light headed high.  From my Pax, more of a heavy headed high.  
    My best advice is start small like the MFLB, T-Vape, Solo or something like that and find something that suits you.
    And it's not only difference between vapes and the difference between or physical and mental makeups, but also......
    What temp are you vaping at.
    What kind strain of bud are you vaping?
    etc etc........

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