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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TooSicKs, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Damn what a morning it has been. We got a cold front moving through which has given us a nice dusting of white stuff. I wike up early this morning, rolled a spliff, and drove to the top of the mountain about a mile from my house. I hiked a short way on the Continental Divide, blazing a j, and took a few pics. I love being up in the mountians it's so sweet. Shortly after sunrise as the snow is just ending and the air is cool and crisp, and it's quiet. Not normal quiet, snow quiet. I just love that shizzle, I hope it snows harder tomorrow night, if so I'm going hiking the backcountry and taking more pics.

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  2. This is looking out over the town where i live.

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  3. Check it out, when I was walking along the trail I saw a pine tree and the snow covered branches kinda reminded me of some big ass buds.

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  4. Don't eat the yellow snow!!!!!


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  5. great stuff! where are you at? those pics remind me of being up in vermont and toking away! this is the first year in four that I havent made my way up there over winter or spring break. I know my blood isnt good in that weather, but to be in the mountains and have all that natural mountain side beauty is a nice sweet change!
  6. LOL, sunny arizona...hehehe
  7. LOL you JUST that! lol, sooooo, ARIZONA, I presume?!?!?!!

  8. couldn't have said it better
    i wish snow was all year round here

    and btw zia lol, i like the new avatar, chucky is hilarious when he starts swear'in
  9. Yeah, right where the CD meets mexico, about 200 feet from where i took those pics there is a marker that states:

    "Continental Divide - Elev. 6030"

    Today kicks ass.

  10. beautiful pics dood
  11. u live in AZ? me too...... but it dont snow where i live, cus i live in shitty mesa.............
  12. Looking good too sicks!

  13. We should hook up somewhere in AZ, do u snowboard?

    Yeah mesa is pretty shitty, i built your city's cable TV system and worked there for a while doing some tech work.
  14. So did ya write yer little message in the snow in one,..... standing?:)

    Nice looking country ya got there!
  15. yeah, how much did you drink that morning?:)

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