Does it bother you that you eat MSG?

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  1. If you mean mono sodium glutamate, yes. I try to avoid it. It always gives me a horrible headache...
  2. How do you know it's from the MSG (monosodium glutamate, yes)?
  3. I know MSG is bad for you, but I'm really not about to cut 85% of foods out of my diet because of it.
  4. Well yes, but how are we supposed to avoid MSG?

    Thanks for the links to the site, by the way.
  5. i care more about the direction that the wind is blowing in the jungle than about what i eat. if it looks good, eat it!
  6. No because I do all kinds of shit that's bad for me, and we're all going to die. I want to stop hearing about what's going to kill me and just live my life.
  7. Its not gonna kill you, but it does mess with brain/nervous system and can cause mental disorders
  8. I really wouldn't consider that source very reputable. There honestly isn't one bit of science there conclusively linking MSG to anything.

    Is it possible that some people sensitive to glutimate? Yes, but that doesn't make it harmful. People can be sensitive to all kinds of things, and ANYTHING in high quantities will be bad for you.

    Since it's most often found in restaurant foods, eating out occasionally isn't going to be dangerous. I consider myself to be a pretty healthy eater, so I'm not worried about the small amount I might get on the rare occasion that I go out to a chinese restaurant.

    If you're eating at restaurants regularly, the fat and calories are going to be WAY more dangerous then the higher levels of MSG, and those should be more of a concern.
  9. yea i get headaches from that shit too

    no msg for me
  10. Well, slowly but surely I've been working on cutting it out of my diet. Unfortunately I have been surprised recently by how innocuously it has been hidden in the foods I've eaten since I was a kid. But I'd prefer to eat more holistically anyway. This is a positive motivation in that direction.
  11. You know what I mean. Everything fucks us up. You spend too much time in the Sun, you get skin cancer...

  12. Science isn't conclusive lol. If it was scientists would be out of business.
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    I'm a huge proponent of eating whole, unprocessed foods, but honestly, don't do it because of MSG.

    The high levels fat, cholesterol, salt, sugars, and high fructose corn syrup (and processed corn in general) found in packaged foods are all much more dangerous then a small amount of MSG (given you are not allergic or sensitive to it)
  14. Fuck no, that shit makes other shit so tasty.
  15. I shop at an all organic market when I buy the majority of my food, but no msg does not bother me.
  16. i try to stay away from processed foods, which i usually do

    but when i do i know it's not a common thing so i don't worry

  17. Sorry... but science can be conclusive to an extent.

    There is nothing legitimate about that website. I've seen it before, and it's just scare mongering.

  18. There's never just one isolated reason for doing anything. All action is holistic.

  19. In your opinion. :) And that's chill.

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