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does insurance/medicare help pay for medical marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Ilove_MDMA, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. I live in Mass right now and am planning on moving out to cali w/ in the nxt year or 2 and was wondering if health insurance covered some of the cost for medical marijuana
  2. good question..I believe in certain situations where you pay for the "special coverage", depending on your insurance company, your cannabis can be payed for with insurance.. don't quote me on that one.. but the small amount of research I have done for you left me with this information.
  3. AFAIK, they dont cover anything to do with MMJ
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    At Medicann you can get a DISCOUNT if you're on Medi-Cal or Medi-Care...but it's not much of one. SOME PPO plans will allow you to get reimbursement on the initial doctor's visit, but only up to a certain amount based on your PPO coverage, and getting it past the billing people might be tough.

    NO major health insurance company will touch MMJ at this time, you cannot get reimbursement for your meds at all from any HMO plan.

    There is a SMALL health insurance company claiming to cover everything, but I have yet to read or hear of anyone actually using this company - yet they advertise in all the MMJ free magazines (and there are dozens).

    There are also some health insurance 'brokers' who claim to be able to get meds reimbursed by fraudulently submitting claims under false diagnosis codes, which is, of course, illegal.

    But to answer your question (for the umpteenth time, since I KNOW I've answered it before, the SEARCH BUTTON is your friend) NO, health insurance for the most part, doesn't cover MMJ

    [OK sixth time]

    And that was just from a search with the word "insurance" in the title.

    PEOPLE PLEASE, do a search or at least read the first few pages of the forum before you start a new thread

  5. i believe i read somewhere on here that if you have medi-care, you can get discounts at dispensaries or evaluations centers. dont quote me though.
  6. I don't mean to bump a dead thread, but does anybody have an update for this in 2011? Has any changes occurred?
  7. Not that I'm aware of, with the current administration doing everything they can to destroy MMJ, the major insurance companies won't touch MMJ.

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